Small handles How to help your baby with a bowel movement

Intestinal problems, flatulence or constipation: If your baby is tormented by stomach pains, you can simply use the elbow-knee grip. In this way you support your child’s digestion and bowel movements.

This is how the elbow-knee grip works

  1. Lay your baby on your back.
  2. Bring the baby’s right elbow and left knee towards each other as if they are touching.
  3. Do the same with the opposite elbow and knee: bring the left elbow and right knee towards each other.
  4. Alternate this a few times until your baby is relieved.

A detailed explanation of the grip technique can be found here.

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First name ranking: These are the most popular baby names in 2022

More than 750 German registry offices have sent the registered baby names to the Society for the German Language (GdfS). This enabled the company to create an overview of the most popular names.

Emilia was the leader for girls’ names in 2022, for boys it’s the name Noah. Short names with many vowels are particularly popular, with the first letters E, L or M scoring the most. The names Marie and Henry / Henri made it onto the list, replacing the names Lea and Felix from previous years in 10th place.

Top 10 girl names 2022

  1. Emilia
  2. Sophia / Sofia
  3. Emma
  4. billion
  5. Hannah / Hanna
  6. lina
  7. Mila
  8. Ella
  9. Klara / Clara
  10. Marie

Top 10 boy names 2022

  1. Noah
  2. Matt(h)eo / Mat(h)eo
  3. leon
  4. Finn
  5. Paul
  6. Elias
  7. emily
  8. Luca / Luke
  9. Louis / Luis
  10. Henry / Henri

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