She knew where to find help Bailey, a husky mix, was missing for 36 hours when she suddenly rang the bell at her old shelter at night

It’s really amazing how well some dogs handle difficult situations. Bailey of Al Paso County, Texas, provided such proof of her intelligence earlier this year.

Bitch got lost

As “” reported, citing Facebook posts from the “Animal Rescue League of El Paso” shelter, the pretty husky mix bitch had been adopted shortly before. No wonder she wasn’t familiar with the area around her new home. The new owners immediately informed the shelter of their disappearance, after which a wanted ad was placed.

Bailey had been seen

Even though various animal lovers reported that they had noticed the stray animal in different places: Bailey was alone for a total of 36 hours. And then, in a way, she sorted herself out. The bitch managed to return to her old shelter in Canutillo, which was a good 16 kilometers away from the new owners.

Nocturnal guest at the door of the shelter

It was 1:40 a.m. when the hungry and tired dog stood in front of the door of her old home and asked to be let in. The animal shelter shared the evidence from the surveillance camera on Facebook.

Loretta Hyde, founder of the Animal Rescue League of El Paso, reported that workers immediately came and let the former inmate in.

Bailey returned home safe and sound

Bailey is now back with her family – everyone got away with it. For Loretta, this story proves, “These dogs are smarter than people give them credit for. How did Bailey know which direction to go? She was ten miles away! What was she eating and drinking those days?” In addition, Bailey shows how much trust the animals have: “They love our shelter!”

In the video below you can see the street dogs tricking tourists!

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