Sex Practices French, Greek, Russian: Country Style Sex

Bet that your bed is more international than you think? What are we talking about? Behind the Country codes such as French, Arabic or Russian There are different sex positions – some of which you probably already know, while others may still need explanation and discovery. Go on a tingling trip around the world with your partner, for which you don’t even have to get out of bed.

Revealed: This is what the country names mean in the sex code

French Love: The Classic

Almost everyone knows what’s going on here between the sheets, after all, sex in French is eroticism of a special kind. Behind this O là là hides oral sex – regardless of whether it is about the man or the woman. Like French food, French sex is a special treat. No wonder the French stand for oral sex: the French language is just as beautiful as this practice.

Greek Sex: Practices from the Ancient World

The Greeks in ancient times were known not only for art and culture, but also for their sex life. Men having anal intercourse with other men were commonplace. That’s probably why the country code “Greek” still stands for anal intercourse today. But of course not only for anal intercourse between men, but also between man and woman.

Does he like weird things in bed? His zodiac sign gives it away!

Sex in English: Attention, wild!

What the sex country code “English” means, probably only a few people know, because behind it hide sadomasochistic practices. One partner humiliates and chastises the other – with mutual consent. Whips, shackles and bondage are just a few of the sex practices attributed to the otherwise buttoned-up Brits.

German sex: love according to the DIN standard

In the meantime, the classic of all classics is hidden behind German sex – the missionary position. The woman is on the bottom and the man is on top. Textbook sex, if you will. Typically German, don’t take any risks, just don’t deviate from the norm. But is the missionary position really as boring as it is made out to be? After all, the couple is as close as ever here.

Some country codes represent odd practices

Arab love: coitus with extra

With Arabic sex, warm oil or warm water makes for extra fun in bed. The man’s penis will just before entering the woman in warm oil or water submerged. The heat has the effect of stimulating blood circulation in both the vagina and the penis, thereby increasing pleasure. If you want to try this sex practice, however, you should definitely make sure that the water or oil is not too hot.

Indian sex: mattress yoga

Everyone is familiar with the Kama Sutra and since it comes from India, complicated and unusual positions as “Indian” designated. It often takes a little practice and training.

Russian love: orgasm without sex

Sex in Russian denotes a sex practice in which it is actually does not engage in direct sexual intercourse. Instead, they are intimate – sometimes anal – massages with soap or oil. Anything that pleases is allowed.

Spanish sex: Not without my boobs

When you think of Spanish, you might think of bullfights and rodeo, wild sex where one partner tries to throw the other off. But in truth, Spanish is the sex code for the breast job, i.e. the Stimulation of the member with the female breast. To do this, he puts his penis between your breasts and moves up and down. That can be nice for foreplay, but where’s the fun in that for us?

Amore in Italian

Is Spanish not unusual enough for you? Then try out Italian: Instead of using your breasts, you stimulate it Penis here with the armpit or the back of the knee. What’s the point? Maybe you’re ticklish, then this could definitely be a sex position to laugh about…

Inspired? Then just keep traveling on the sex map: There are many other exciting positions to discover. How about Japanese, Mongolian or Thai? In any case, you can each of these positions add spice to your love life. You don’t want to eat the same dish every day, even if it’s your favorite food.

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