Senior found an orphaned animal Animal roommate: fox moves into a nursing home

An old lady in a retirement home in Austria figured something out. Literally. Because one morning there was a little baby fox lying in her bed. The Viennese gave the animal a place to sleep after finding it orphaned and weakened. The animal-loving senior citizen didn’t hesitate and took the fox in immediately. However, the unusual roommate did not go unnoticed for long. The nursing staff informed the Vösendorf animal shelter the very next morning. The little burglar was taken away immediately.

Animal rights activists about animal discovery: “One must not forget that this is a wild animal”

The cute baby fox is now being lovingly cared for by experienced animal keepers and is receiving the medical care it needs. This attentive resident has taken care of the little animal and kept an eye on its well-being. But it is important to understand that this is a wild animal and that the best thing for the fox is to be cared for by professional professionals: “Remember, this is a wild animal.”

More and more foxes sighted in cities

In both Germany and Austria, more and more foxes are roaming the cities. They have adapted to urban conditions and know how to survive in the big city. The red furry snouts from the city pick leftovers from garbage cans and are also familiar with traffic. So that very few are run over.

So does the little fox from the retirement home. “It’s remarkable how imaginative animals can be when it comes to looking for a cozy place to sleep,” jokes animal shelter director Stephan Scheidl, according to a press release. “It’s definitely good that the little fox was found, because at such a young age he wouldn’t have survived on his own.”

The aim is to release the fox into its natural habitat

The baby fox is cared for by trained animal keepers until the cub is trained into its natural habitat. The animal rights activist praises the attentive resident and her concern for the little baby fox. “Of course we understand good will, but it is best for the well-being of the fox if it is looked after by experienced professionals,” says Scheidl.

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