Sauna for children From when and for how long you can take your little ones into the heat bath

Sauna for children from this age:

The age at which children should visit the sauna is and will probably remain controversial. Opinions differ significantly on this subject. Nevertheless, there are statements that you can use as a guide.

  • The German Sauna Association recommends sauna bathing for infants from the age of four months. However, the U4 examination should have taken place beforehand without any abnormalities. It is also recommended that the baby should only be allowed to take a sauna for three minutes at first, and later for six minutes. The appropriate location would be the middle bench.
  • The recommendations of the Sauna Association refer to a visit to a private sauna. Since babies cannot hold down their urine or stool, they can urinate and defecate. This may be a disruptive factor that causes other sauna-goers to get worked up when you visit a public sauna.
  • The sauna operator could also be bothered by the possible cleaning effort. If you would like to visit a public sauna, you should inquire about the age restrictions in advance.
  • The German Sauna Association recommends that the child should be at least three years old to visit a public sauna. At this age it can be assumed that it is clean. However, there may be different house rules. Some sauna operators set higher age specifications for this. There are also facilities where family days are held.
  • If you follow the recommendations of the German Association of Midwives, you should only take your little one with you after the first birthday.
  • The recommendation of the professional association of paediatricians (BVKJ), represented by Dr. Ulrich Fegeler, is: You should wait until your child is 4 years old.

That’s how long your child can stay in the sauna

In contrast to adults, for whom three 15-minute sauna sessions are recommended, the time for children is significantly less. In any case, no matter how old your child is, start with just one sauna session.

  • Sit down with your naked child on the middle sauna bench. Ideally, the sauna cabin has a room temperature of 75 degrees and a humidity of 15 percent.
  • Stay in the sauna with your child for a maximum of three minutes. Observe the child’s condition during this time. If facial expressions or gestures indicate that it does not feel well or if it expresses discomfort, stop the sauna session immediately.
  • Otherwise, leave the sauna cabin again after three minutes and cool down your child gently and gently. The best way to do this is to blow fresh air on the child’s body with a towel. You can also moisten it with water. However, this must not be colder than 28 degrees.
  • Alternatively, dampen a towel with cold water and dab your child with it. Under no circumstances should your child go into the plunge pool. The circuit cannot take this and could fail.
  • Afterwards you can relax with your child in the rest room as usual. Are you at home, relaxing on the couch or playing a quiet game with your child.

This makes sauna fun with children

If you want to introduce your child to the sauna, it is comparable to hiking. Start light and slow and gradually increase sauna sessions.

  • You should look after children up to six years of age during the entire visit to the sauna. Don’t let her out of your sight. This is the only way you can react immediately if your child is not feeling well.
  • Before the first sauna session, you should explain to your child exactly what is going to happen. This not only includes the process that takes place in the sauna. Also explain to your child what the sauna is good for.
  • Sauna means heat and sweating. This leads to a loss of fluids, which you should compensate for immediately after the sauna. Take your favorite drink with you the first time.
  • The basic rule is: go to a public sauna, use the family offers. Then your child will also meet other children and that makes a visit to the sauna certainly more exciting than just with adults.
  • If your child tolerates the first visit to the sauna well and enjoys the sauna, you can extend the time to four minutes the next time or complete two two-minute sauna sessions. So you slowly increase the time and the number of sauna sessions. However, this always depends on the condition of your child.

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