Polishing it up five unusual home remedies bring vases to a high gloss

Fresh flowers are not only beautiful to look at, they also put you in a good mood and add a welcome dash of colour. It is important that the vase is also visually appealing so as not to destroy the overall picture. We have five effective tricks on how you can easily clean your vases – and use exceptionally simple home remedies.

Fresh flowers in the vase are among the most popular decorative elements in a room. No matter what type of flower – in combination with a stylish vase, they enhance every room. But as beautiful as this decoration is, dirt and lime scale collects in vases in a very short time.

To clean the vase again after the flowers have withered, a towel and washing-up liquid are usually used. Unfortunately, this often turns out to be awkward, because due to the artistic designs, you can’t get into every corner of the vase with a towel.

Fortunately, with these five home remedies, the vase can be easily cleaned. Best of all, you are guaranteed to have (almost) all the tools at home.

1. Rice shakes dirt away

With this trick you don’t use rice for cooking for once. Instead, place 2-3 tablespoons of rice in the vase and shake vigorously to remove dirt from the surface. Then add some water and shake again to really remove all the dirt.

2. Cooking spoon as a cleaning aid

Although the wooden spoon is an unusual cleaning tool, it is nevertheless very effective. For the trick, you simply wrap it in a thin cloth and wipe away the dirt. So you can get into every corner even with thin vases.

3. Work wonders with potato skins

Instead of throwing away the potato skins immediately after peeling, you can also use them to remove annoying lime residue. To do this, take the inside of the bowl and rub it against the inner surface of the vase.

To remove bare dirt, you can also pour hot water over the potato peelings in the vase and let them soak.

4. Reuse newspapers

A newspaper as a cleaning agent is one of the strangest ideas. But it is a common way to clean a vase. To do this, tear the newspaper into small pieces and put them in the vase along with a drop of washing-up liquid.

Now pour hot water over it and let it work for about eight hours. That’s how quickly a newspaper can be reused.

5. Dissolves dirt: denture cleaner

Admittedly, not everyone usually has this home remedy at home. But a denture cleaner is ideal for cleaning delicate vases.

Simply put the denture cleaner in the vase filled with water so that it dissolves. Leave the vase full overnight and remove the water the next morning. An effective trick against limescale and dirt.

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