Playing with dominance CMNF or CFNM: This is the hot new sex trend

“CMNF” or “CFNM” is a sex trend that assigns specific roles to both partners. There are two variants – “CMNF” stands for “Clothed Female, Naked Male”, CMNF accordingly for “Clothed Male, Naked Female” – so both the man and the woman can take on the dominant or the submissive role.

So in this fetish, one of you stays fully dressed – the other has to take his pants down. Clearly, those who stay dressed have the upper hand during sex. Because who wears the clothes determines what happens in this fetish and how he or she drives the partner crazy!

The dominance game

If you are now thinking of oral sex or a hot striptease in your head cinema, you are not wrong at all. Because whoever stays dressed determines what happens.

As a special sex fantasy, you can also go one step further and – if you enjoy it – really order your loved one around. Because the CFNM fetish is not so much about the act of love per se. Rather, this sex practice is understood as a role play. So if your man sends you into the bathroom stark naked and wants to watch you take a hot shower, that is also part of his sexual dominance and part of the fetish.

A Fetish for Beginners – The Benefits of CFNM

Watching your partner masturbate can also be very arousing. Whether you are both naked after the hot foreplay or swap roles is of course up to you. But the fact is that the game of dominance sex is absolutely exciting.

The beauty of CFNM is that you choose how you engage in these sex practices. So this fetish can also be seen as hot foreplay. CFNM is particularly suitable for beginners in the fetish scene. Because overcoming the need to tie up your partner or use love toys is initially eliminated.

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