Parisian Chic & Co. These are the top decoration trends for 2023 – according to Etsy experts

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Spring is finally here, so it’s high time we gave our home a little update! But which facility is popular in 2023? Dayna Isom Johnson is a trend expert at Etsy and reveals the decor that’s going through the roof at the online marketplace for handmade and custom pieces.

You can shop the pieces not only on Etsy, but also on other online shops such as H&M Home. We show our favorites at a glance.

According to Etsy: These are the 6 biggest decoration trends of 2023

dark wood

Dark wood is making a comeback. After light tones in particular conquered the interior area in recent years, we now welcome the revival of traditional woods such as teak, walnut or mahogany. This is also confirmed by Etsy: There, the search queries for accessories made of walnut wood have increased by a full 337%. No wonder, since they create a particularly cozy atmosphere and give every living room more character and a certain sophistication.

Parisian chic

French chic is more popular than ever. Thanks to the unique combination of timeless elegance and charming vintage finds, interior fans can bring French flair home with the help of wall mirrors, marble pieces, oil paintings or ruffled bed covers.

White marble mortar and pestle

Mermaid Aesthetic

The Mermaidcore trend doesn’t stop at our homes either. After conquering the beauty and fashion sector, the mermaid look is now finally moving in with us. Thanks to shells, pearls, colored glass and iridescent surfaces, the playful aesthetic immerses us in a magical world.

Ceramic scallop shell

paper lamps

They are simple, but make a lot: Paper lamps already provided a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere in ancient China. They come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for indirect lighting. Lanterns, floor lamps or rice paper lamps are still particularly popular. The pretty lamps are not only eye-catchers, but also put the furnishings in the right light – in the truest sense of the word.

Rice paper table lamp

Special carpets

Individual carpets with character have become an absolute design must-have in recent years. The trend is also evident on Etsy, where searches for hand-woven rugs increased by 401% and made-to-measure rugs by 62%. Whether it’s a Moroccan Berber rug, vintage treasure or colorful Scandinavian: rugs give the room a personal touch and bring the entire interior together.

Bloomingville carpet (200 x 140 cm)

vintage pattern

With the resurgence of traditional patterns and materials such as toile-de-Jouy, chintz or floral prints, we say goodbye to the minimalist look. Demand for embroidered botanical items is up a whopping 1041% on Etsy. Cozy furnishings that are reminiscent of nostalgic times are catching on. So if you’re looking for a new, beautiful look for your home, you can’t go wrong with vintage patterns.

Toile de Jouy cushion cover

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