No permanent relationship 3 zodiac signs are currently looking for something more casual

Some people take a more casual approach to relationships. Three zodiac signs in particular do not want to put themselves in permanent hands at the moment.

For many it is the big dream to enter into a permanent partnership, which will ideally lead to the wedding altar sooner or later. For others, however, it is a real nightmare to soon go through life with a wedding ring. You’d much rather float like a butterfly from flower to flower without committing to a real bond. There are three zodiac signs in particular who are currently not in the mood for a closer relationship. They all have very special reasons for doing so.

You can see which zodiac signs are particularly forgetful in the video above.

Zodiac Sagittarius – too many opportunities

Sagittarius may want to enter into a committed relationship. But then what about all his other flames that this fun-loving zodiac sign so passionately ensnare?

Sagittarius loves hot affairs and usually has several relationships running at the same time. If he were to decide on one person, he would have to give up the other amours with a heavy heart.

Commitment is just not an option for the lovable Hallodri right now. But perhaps in the future there will be that one person who will captivate the Sagittarius so much that he can still be lured into the harbor of marriage.

Zodiac Gemini – no time for partnership

As a rule, the Gemini cannot serve with countless love affairs. Nevertheless, he also finds enough excuses not to enter into a permanent partnership. The reason: Geminis have so many hobbies and interests that they simply don’t have the time for a relationship.

For example, it is not uncommon for this sign of the zodiac to start the day on the golf course, then attend an exciting vernissage and then go around the house with numerous friends. Spending the evening holding hands on the couch, on the other hand, is pretty much the ultimate punishment for this busy zodiac sign. That’s why the twin light-heartedly renounces a permanent partnership and is looking for a non-binding affair in order to continue to indulge in his exciting everyday life.

This is how the zodiac sign Gemini ticks.

Zodiac sign Scorpio – Fear of disappointment

Scorpio secretly longs for love. But on the other hand, this zodiac sign also has a deep-seated fear of being disappointed.

The sensitive Scorpio often lacks a little self-confidence. So he just can’t imagine that there could be a person out there who loves him unconditionally. This sign of the zodiac always lives in fear of being abandoned from one day to the next. And so that this doesn’t happen to him, the Scorpio prefers to forgo a solid partnership and at most maintain casual relationships.

It takes a lot of patience and finesse to crack through the shell of this zodiac sign and gain the Scorpio’s trust. Yet when he succeeds, he proves to be the most caring and loyal partner imaginable.

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