No lust? How does stress affect your libido?

According to a study by the Swiss insurance company “Swiss Life”, in which around 2,200 German adults were interviewed, we are a stressed people. 80 percent of those surveyed stated that they often suffered from stress – the main reason being the pressure to perform at work. And with Corona, the stress level has increased even further, confirmed almost one in three respondents (31 percent). However, chronic negative stress massively affects our well-being and can endanger our health – and it is the number one pleasure killer.

The stress robs you of your desire

The connection between decreasing libido and stress has been known and researched for a long time, for example according to the health experts on “”. Negative stress can have numerous causes, usually several of them add up. Especially in the corona crisis, many other factors come into play that further increase the already high stress level. In addition to the stress of working from home, there is the need to look after the children, and for some, there are fears about their existence and the future. At a certain point, the libido then drops to zero, which in turn can trigger stress in the partnership. There is a high risk that a veritable vicious circle will develop from this.

Cortisol shuts down libido

The substance that robs us of desire is cortisol. This stress hormone is essential for survival. For example, it boosts fat and sugar metabolism and increases blood pressure, thus providing an energy boost in dangerous and critical situations. Short-term cortisol releases are therefore absolutely necessary in the struggle for survival. However, if the stress hormone level is permanently elevated, this can have negative consequences such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. Another consequence is that the production and distribution of our sex hormones is inhibited – estradiol in women and testosterone in men. Because our organism interprets lust and tenderness as not absolutely necessary in times of crisis and drastically reduces the libido. The result can then be a permanent doldrums in bed.

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Don’t put yourself under pressure

The fight against stress can only be fought and won individually. The most important thing is to recognize the stress factors that are causing you problems and, if possible, to reduce them. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done when it comes to topics such as work, home office and child stress.

One of the very basic approaches is, for example, a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables – the B vitamins in particular lower the cortisol level. Regular exercise and workouts also help to reduce the stress hormone, as does conscious daily relaxation, for example through yoga.

But when it comes to getting your sex life together again, one thing is particularly important: not to put yourself under pressure. Because the sex lull also represents a stressful situation, which is intensified by the self-imposed pressure to finally have to do it again. This compulsion to perform is also a reliable libido killer and so the best way after a longer period of abstinence is an informal cuddling and stroking phase. Give yourself and your partner enough time and create a loving atmosphere in which you can both learn to trust each other again. If you can do that, your hand in the fight against stress will also improve tremendously. Because fulfilled and regular sex is one of the best stress killers.

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