No luck with plants? You don’t need a green thumb for five easy-care houseplants

Plants in a wide variety of green tones not only look good in your own four walls, they also increase well-being. Keeping them alive is sometimes not that easy. With five houseplants, you can hardly go wrong even without a knack for greenery.

The lighting conditions have to be right, just don’t water too much or too little and bugs have to be spotted as soon as possible – having indoor plants in the apartment is sometimes quite a challenge. Often we just don’t have the time to take care of the plants properly or we simply don’t have a green thumb. But these are no reasons to have to do without lush green plants – because there are also indoor plants that thrive wonderfully with just a little love.

Check out the video above for more low-maintenance houseplants!

Timeless trend plant: Monstera deliciosa

The Monstera deliciosa is also called window leaf and originally comes from the South American jungle. Today it has found its home in quite a lot of households and has been one of the absolute trend plants since 2021. And there are reasons for that: The Monstera not only has great, large leaves, but is also super easy to care for. She feels most comfortable in a slightly sunny place where there is enough space for her growing leaves. A large sip of water is enough for the Monstera deliciosa once every seven days and the houseplant should feel right at home in your home.

Monstera houseplant
© iStock/Matthew Lloyd

Popular classic: Sansevieria

The Sansevieria, also called bow hemp or mother-in-law’s tongue, was already a very popular houseplant in the 1950s and 1960s. On the one hand, this has something to do with its upward-pointing leaves, which do not require much space, but also the fact that it is not exactly demanding to care for makes the scalloped plant very attractive. Hemp also filters toxins from the air, improving air quality. The houseplant comes from Africa. That’s why the Sansevieria needs a bright to sunny place in your home. In an emergency, the plants can also make friends with partially shaded places. However, the darker the location, the slower the easy-care houseplant grows. According to, a good location is the bathroom, as the plant likes the high humidity. You should only water the Sansevieria when the surface of the soil has dried well – so it’s better to have too little than too much.

Sansevieria houseplant
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Easy-care tendrils: Ivy (Epipremnum pinnatum)

The ivy has meanwhile blossomed from the boring office plant to one of the most popular indoor plants. Since it is so easy to care for, everyone can beautify their home with the plant. The ivy likes it bright and sunny or semi-shady, but the houseplant also grows with little light. If you forget to water your ivy, that’s not so bad. Long dry spells are no problem for the plant with the long tendrils. However, when you water your houseplant, the top layer of soil should be slightly dry again.

You should absolutely avoid these plants when you are pregnant!

Ivy houseplant
© iStock/mykeyruna

Small and little work: succulents

According to, succulents are not officially plants, but a type of plant – but they are still perfect if you are looking for beautiful and easy-care decoration for your four walls. Because succulents can store water in their roots, you’ll need to water them very infrequently. Here, too, it is better to use too seldom than too often. In the cold seasons it is even enough to water your succulents only once a month and ideally twice in summer. If possible, your place in the apartment should be nice and sunny and warm.

© iStock/Wolf1988

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