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Duchess Meghan (41) seems to be a real connoisseur. After all, she named her blog “The Tig”, which she ran from 2014 to 2017, after her favorite wine “Tignanello” which is produced in Tuscany. In her blog, Meghan Markle not only gave wine recommendations, but also shared numerous recipes. Over the years, Duchess Meghan has often spoken out about her dining preferences. Suffice it to say: The diet of the 41-year-old is perfectly balanced. And the pleasure doesn’t fall by the wayside.

This is how Duchess Meghan eats

Meghan starts her day rather spartan. First, she enjoys a glass of warm lemon water to get her metabolism going. Meghan Markle also finds it difficult to resist an açai bowl, she admitted in an interview with the lifestyle website “”. The bowl consists of açai powder – which is obtained from the fruits of a South American palm tree – bananas, milk or milk alternatives and various toppings such as figs or cashew nuts. When it comes to hotel stays, the mother of two really goes over the top for her circumstances. If avocado toast with poached egg is on the menu, Meghan is happy to place an order.

Meghan Markle eats lighter at lunchtime

“” reported on the Duchess’s lunch habits. When she was an actress on the legal series Suits, Meghan revealed that she always pre-cooked a can of quinoa for the entire week to eat healthily on set during the lunch break. At the same time, she sautés vegetables in a pan and seasons them with a special spice mixture that her mother used. Important: “I always add crushed red pepper and chopped fresh herbs,” says Meghan.

Meghan’s favorite dish: fried chicken

At dinner, Duchess Meghan is also a little more sumptuous. In an interview with “” she revealed: “There is nothing more delicious or more impressive than a perfectly roasted chicken. (…) I even bring it to dinner parties and make a lot of friends with it.” Attentive readers can guess which wine Meghan Markle prefers to uncork with her chicken…

Charity with pleasure: Meghan Markle’s cookbook

Duchess Meghan also proves her love for food with the cookbook “Together: Our Community Cookbook”. The work, published by Prince Harry’s (38) wife in 2018, brings together recipes from women who supported families and neighbors whose London apartment block was destroyed by fire. The book, for which Duchess Meghan was the patron, contains more than 50 recipes from all over the world that really make you want to try them out.

“Together: Our Community Cookbook”

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