Make soap with children yourself Make soap with children yourself: A simple DIY guide

Washing your hands is a lot more fun with homemade soap. So this DIY idea is just the thing for your little scumbag!

This is how the kids succeed in making the soap

In addition to the silicone soap molds, you will also need a few bowls for the different colors. In the first step, melting the raw mass, it depends on the age of the children to what extent they are allowed to participate. If necessary, you can prepare the raw mass on your own and the children can then participate in the creative part of the work.

  • First, the raw mixture is grated and melted with a grater. This can be done either in a water bath or in the microwave. Mix a little coconut oil into the melted raw mixture. With the coconut oil, the raw mass becomes smoother and it is also good for the hands.
  • While the raw mass cools down, the children prepare the selected colors and bowls. The warm raw mass is divided into the individual color bowls and the creative part of the work can begin. The children first knead the corresponding color into the respective raw material.
  • As soon as all the soap creations are finished, the molds are left in a dry place for two to three days so that the homemade soap hardens.

Making soap with children – that’s what you need

Homemade soap increases willingness to wash hands. This is even more true if there is something interesting inside the soap. That being said, handmade soaps make a nice little gift, especially if they’re customized for the recipient, like the grandparents. With the production of soap you not only amuse the offspring.

  • As a raw mass, soap flakes are the most convenient to work with. Glycerin soap or curd soap is also suitable as raw material. This has to be shaved into small pieces first, which takes time. The curd soap also has a lower fat content, which makes the melting process more complex.
  • The raw mass is mixed with some oil, such as coconut oil, vegetable fat or almond oil.
  • Although color is not absolutely necessary for the homemade soap, it is very much appreciated by the kids. Color is also a design element. Soap color or food coloring is suitable for this.
  • Essential fragrance oil is not required, but lavender, lemon, orange, rose and co. harmoniously round off the soap composition and also exude a pleasant scent in the bathroom.

Make your own soap – creativity is required

Basically, the materials already mentioned are sufficient for making the soaps. It can still be spiced up. For example, by placing small toys or something similar in the middle of the soap. Of course you can also use natural materials. In order for this to succeed, first a layer is put into the mold, then the object is placed in the middle and then the second layer is put on top.

  • beads, children’s jewellery
  • Small toys like cars or figures
  • Vouchers, for example, for a visit to the zoo, eating ice cream, climbing park – waterproof pen is recommended
  • Metal plate with the child’s name, coins
  • Lavender, daisies, yarrow, rose petals
  • Dried orange or lemon slice
  • coffee beans
  • Silicone molds: Children can use these to make soap on a stick just as easily as animal-shaped soap. The little ones can easily create simpler creations, such as a football soap or a tennis racket for the sports enthusiasts.

Coloring – What makes which color?

Children like the color of the soap best. Therefore, a brief explanation of how you get which color.

  • For example, add lavender and a few drops of lavender oil to the purple soap.
  • The yellow sun soap receives a few squirts of lemon juice and is decorated with daisy blossoms.
  • A black and white soccer ball can be easily reproduced using black and white raw material.
  • The rainbow soap is very popular with the little ones. To do this, the kids put a layer of paint in a mold, wait until it has dried and then apply the next color over it.

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