Losing weight during sex Three positions let the kilos tumble during sex

It’s no secret that you burn calories during sex. But it all depends on the sex position. With our positions you can melt your kilos.

Lose weight with the right sex position

The calorie consumption during sex is of course dependent on the sex position. If you prefer to take it slow and romantic, you’ll burn fewer calories than a hot, passionate little time.

According to a study by the University of Quebec in Canada, sex burns between 90 and 130 calories in half an hour, with men burning more than women.

But which sex position is the most effective? There are no scientific studies on this yet.

Slow sex in a spoonful is less recommended in terms of calories, because you only use about 190 kcal in half an hour.

Up or down – that can become a crucial question when it comes to calorie consumption. The active part in the horse position can gain around 500 calories in 30 minutes (if he or she sticks it out that long).

Of course, the position also matters in the missionary position. The more movement-intensive part loses up to 220 kcal in half an hour.

The wilder, the better: there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to sex. The more passionate you are, the more calories you naturally burn. Key word: Kama Sutra.

Oral sex should not be underestimated: as an active part, you use up around 50 to 150 kcal during cunnilingus or fellatio. If you just lie down and enjoy yourself, you still gain 30 to 40 kcal.

All calorie counts are just averages. Depending on how much you weigh, how long the sex lasts and how high your daily basal metabolic rate is, you burn more or fewer calories.

The FIT FOR FUN calorie calculator helps you calculate your calorie consumption.

So you burn even more calories during sex

Cold water stimulates cardiovascular function and thus increases calorie consumption. If you don’t necessarily want to stand in a cold shower during sex, it’s also worth jumping into cool (or warm) water.

The water resistance means you burn more calories during lovemaking. Tip: Moist French kisses increase calorie consumption by an additional 20 kcal per minute.

Anyone can lie flat on their stomach. If you want to burn off calories, use your arm muscles and incorporate the plank position into sex. Or let yourself be pampered on all fours.

The culmination of every act of love and passionate sports program is the orgasm. Women lose another 300 kcal on top. Men at least half.

These positions burn the most calories

Arm training with Shiva’s dance or belly-legs-buttocks in the Maharaja position: some sex positions have the potential to burn calories and build muscle.

Shiva’s dance: The standing part can burn around 65 kcal in 10 minutes with this sex position. Since he lifts his partner up, he trains the arm and back areas in particular. For the other, this means: extensive stomach, leg and back training and at least almost 44 calories burned.

The Bridge Pier: With a ten-minute bridge pillar unit, you gain between 31 and 53 kcal. However, the sex position is more for athletes and very demanding: One partner is in the bridge, the other sits on him.

Maharaja: This sex position is a real abs-legs-butt program. While one sex partner lies on their back and stretches their legs up, the other is in a crouch and holds on to their partner’s legs. You can burn around 40 to 60 calories in 10 minutes.

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