Jackpot hit Bizarre advice from an astrologer made a couple multi-millionaires

Astrologer Margaret Lake has died, but she did amazing things while she was alive — and is said to have made one couple multi-millionaires.

In Britain, Margaret Lake – better known as Mystic Meg – was an icon. Now the astrologer has died at the age of 80. She celebrated her big breakthrough on television in the 1990s and has been interpreting the stars for the British tabloid “The Sun” for over two decades. On their website there is not only an online condolence book for family, friends and fans of the deceased, but also lots of stories about the astrologer. She is said to be the reason why a married couple became multi-millionaires over 20 years ago.

Strange horoscope: lottery ticket should be kept in a yellow cup

“” reports how truck driver Tom Naylor (67) and his wife Rita (65) will show eternal gratitude to Mystic Meg. The background: More than 20 years ago, the Briton read in the newspaper about the astrologer’s advice regarding his zodiac sign – Geminis should keep their lottery ticket in a yellow cup at the time. Shortly thereafter, Tom hit the £15 million jackpot, today that would be the equivalent of almost 17 million euros. The 2001 lottery win was the sixth largest in National Lottery history at the time. In memory of the deceased astrologer, the memories of winning the lottery come up again.

He also won a lot of money: Lotto millionaire Chico – in the video you can find out why he once got into the drug swamp.

Through "beautiful Brazilian" he once fell into the drug swamp

He also won a lot of money: Lotto millionaire Chico – in the video you can find out why he once got into the drug swamp.
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Believe in the stars: Lottery winners have always “followed Meg’s advice”

“We are so sad. She was wonderful. We still read the stars of Mystic Meg in ‘The Sun’ every day and we are proof that her predictions are coming true,” Tom told the British tabloid. Before winning the lottery, he worked as a truck driver, was on his lunch break in his 16-ton truck when he read Mystic Meg’s said horoscope in 2001. “I’ve always followed Meg’s advice. I didn’t have a yellow cup in my vehicle, but the sides of my map were yellow, so I put my lottery ticket in there instead.”

Repetitions of the lottery draw: the couple wins almost 17 million euros

Nine hours later, he was speechless when he learned the lottery winning numbers were 2, 6, 11, 12, 13, and 24. The prize was also so high because the drawing was repeated over 20 times – until there was finally a lucky winner. Yes, lottery stories are crazy: some win with their very first lottery ticket, others almost throw away their winning ticket in a rush – and still others believe in higher powers that have given them millions.

After winning the lottery: daily interest higher than the truck driver’s monthly salary

Wife Rita remembers: “We always dreamed of this, but we thought it could never happen to us.” Before winning, her husband got up at 4am to work 12 hours a day for a transport company in West Bromwich – a job her husband had of course quit in the end. If he was earning around £1,000 a month, after winning he was already making £1,000 a day from interest alone. After winning the lottery, Tom and Rita were able to swap their £50,000 three-bed semi-detached cottage for a £500,000 luxury barn conversion.

Charity and Remembrance: “Always Be Grateful”

Their new home included stables, which Tom converted into garages to house his seven new luxury cars – one for each day of the week. In addition to luxury vehicles, the childless couple took luxury vacations and also donated a lot to organizations like “Childline” and the “Make-A-Wish-Foundation”. They will always cherish their astrologer, who has now passed away: “We had fun winning the lottery and I will never regret it until the day I die,” says Tom and continues on behalf of his wife : “We will always be grateful to the wonderful Meg.”

Through "beautiful Brazilian" he once fell into the drug swamp

Chico also became a millionaire with the help of the lottery – but without astronomical advice.
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