International Women’s Day 2023 International Women’s Day 2023: Women around the world are honored in so many different ways

The position of women is changing and that worldwide. No wonder that March 8th is also celebrated internationally. We’ll show you how.

1. International Women’s Day in China

International Women’s Day has a special status in the People’s Republic of China. Working women are officially entitled to half a day of vacation on March 8 of each year. In addition, the lords of creation give and spoil the women with special surprises, gifts, cards and flowers. While Women’s Day is primarily celebrated as a sign of love and respect for women, discussions, important meetings and award ceremonies related to women are also held in some parts of the country.
In addition to International Women’s Day, “Girl’s Day” is held on March 7 in China. This day is specially designed for female students at colleges, universities and schools.

2. Saudi Arabia celebrates women as early as February

In 2017, Saudi Arabia celebrated its first event, very similar to International Women’s Day but on a different date. A three-day event is being held in the kingdom from February 1-3, bringing together both the nobility and the common people to discuss and revise the situation of women in the country.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has been heavily criticized for gender equality. The country was ranked 134th out of 145 in the World Economic Forum’s 2015 Global Gender Gap Report.
According to Arab News, the purpose of the day’s introduction is to “celebrate the Saudi woman and her successful role and to commemorate her achievements in education, culture, medicine, literature and other fields.”

3. March 8 is an official holiday in Russia

In Russia, March 8 is an official holiday. It was created as a political festival to symbolize the struggle of women from all over the world for their rights, full equality with men, democracy and peace.
This spring holiday is usually celebrated with a visit to family, a meal and champagne. Men and women give flowers, postcards with poems, chocolates and flowers to their mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters, with yellow mimosa and roses being the most popular.

4. Italy celebrates “La Festa Della Donna” in March

International Women’s Day is also celebrated in Europe. March 8th is known as “La Festa Della Donna” in Italy. On this day, Italians give mimosas to the women in their lives, much like they do in Russia. One of the reasons why the yellow flower was chosen is that it blooms in early March.
Although International Women’s Day is not a public holiday in Italy, in recent years women have had free access to museums across the country and free medical check-ups at hospitals.

5. Polish women are blessed with tulips

International Women’s Day in Poland is a day celebrating women’s achievements. Wives, mothers, daughters and sisters are given rich gifts on this day and rallies call for more respect and support for women.
In Poland, until World War II, Women’s Day was used by the socialist governments to promote the image of women as leaders of labor that supports their country. In those years, the day was an obligatory holiday in factories and schools. The women were given cloves and other items that were generally hard to come by at the time, such as tights, towels, or coffee.

Today the most popular gift is the tulip. When women meet a man on this day, whether it is their boss, colleague, boyfriend or father, they can usually expect to receive a symbolic tulip. In larger cities you can see young men with bouquets of tulips, which they hand out to women in the streets.

6. Since 1944, women have been the focus of March 8 in Bulgaria

March 8 also has a long tradition in Bulgaria. With the introduction of the socialist regime in 1944, International Women’s Day also became an official holiday for the Bulgarians. However, its popularity only grew immensely in the 1960s.
Nowadays, this holiday is all about celebrating and paying tribute to all women, especially mothers. Women receive flowers, chocolate and cards from their loved ones. In the schools, the children give their teachers flowers or cards they have made themselves.

7. The United States laid the cornerstone of International Women’s Day

In February 1909, the foundation for International Women’s Day was laid in the form of “Women’s Day”. It was a response to a large-scale strike by dressmakers in New York City demanding a wage increase, shorter hours, better working conditions and the right to vote. The idea was originally conceived as a national day in the US, but quickly became international.

Today, International Women’s Day is not an official holiday in the United States, but the entire month of March draws attention to the achievements of women in history, both past and present. On March 8th itself, rallies, conferences and business gatherings will be held in capital cities bringing together thought leaders on the issue.

8. International Women’s Day in Australia

Australians have also been celebrating International Women’s Day down under for decades. However, marches and demonstrations have been particularly widespread since the early 1970s. Both women and men take part in these events in large numbers. A variety of panels and events are being held across the country, at which prominent women from various professions speak publicly and call for more representation, equality and diversity in all fields.

9. Chile’s feminists surprised in 2020 with a special campaign for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day also plays a special role on the South American continent. Marches and rallies are organized through several cities, especially the capital Santiago. The demonstrators wear elaborate costumes and sing and drum.

Again and again, the Chileans surprise with special promotions. In 2020, Chilean feminists overnight renamed more than 60 squares, monuments and parks in the capital. Street signs with the names of famous men have been pasted over and marked with purple cloth – the color of feminist protest.

10. Argentina protests for several days

Chile’s neighbor Argentina is known for its strong demonstration culture. Since the 1900s, Argentines have typically celebrated International Women’s Day by giving gifts to the women in their lives. But marches, protests and rallies across the country are also taking place more often and over several days. It’s like a street party. There is drumming, singing and dancing. Small street stalls provide culinary supplies.

The Wollny chief sends a strong message to all women in the world! Click on the video below and learn more.

She encourages International Women's Day: "Believe in yourself"

She encourages International Women’s Day: “Believe in yourself”
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