Incredible stroke of luck More than two years after his disappearance, terrier Timmy has returned!

On March 11th, the non-profit association “Tiernothilfe Leipzig” published the beautiful story of the little white terrier Timmy on Facebook. As the title of the emotional text announces, Timmy’s fate is “unbelievable” and “so so beautiful”.

The post recaps that the dog went missing from home in October 2020. “We haven’t seen or heard anything since then,” it said. Timmy’s owners probably had little hope of ever getting a sign of life from the four-legged friend again. But then a “redemptive call” came.

Animal register TASSO

This is where TASSO comes in, our country’s central pet registry. Every pet owner can register their four-legged family member here free of charge. TASSO employees had informed the owners of the missing four-legged friend that Timmy had been found. “We are super happy! He is now 14.5 years old,” says enthusiastically.

Special thanks to the animal sanctuary in Neuhaus Schierschnitz

The Leipzig Tiernothilfe emphasizes that this positive development is largely due to “Martina from the sanctuary in Neuhaus Schierschnitz”. Because Timmy was to spend the last years of his life here on the private farm in Thuringia, she wanted to register him with TASSO, which got the ball rolling.

Timmy is now happily reunited with his family.

Timmy’s in a pretty good mood

“Timmy needs to be fed up a little first. He’s in good health for his age,” we learn from the post. Where he was in the first three months after his disappearance can no longer be found out. “He was then listed on eBay under the “Sold by the name of Jimmy to an older woman who died a short time later”, then relatives of the owner took him over and finally brought him to the sanctuary.

The post closes with an urgent appeal to all pet owners: “Remember, your animals should not only be chipped, but also registered!” That was the only way Timmy’s story could have a happy ending.

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