Household tips Brilliant car cleaning trick: All you need is toothpaste

Not only the brakes wear out in the car and eventually have to be replaced. The paint goes through a lot too. Weather, dirt and, in winter, road salt can take a toll on the optics. The result: tiny scratches in the paintwork. If you discover damage to the paintwork, it’s worth rummaging through the bathroom cabinet. Because with a little toothpaste, your car will look like new again in no time.

Toothpaste fills up scratches

Small scratches in the paintwork can often not be avoided, but they are all the more annoying and spoil the look. Good thing everyone has toothpaste at home. This makes repairs child’s play. Because the cream can not only make our teeth shine again, but also our car.

And this is how it works: You take some white toothpaste and put it on a damp cloth. Then you rub the cream on the scratched area. Make sure the cloth is soft to avoid further scratches. A kitchen sponge is less suitable for this. With a little pressure and patience, not only will the toothpaste disappear, but also the scratches in the paintwork. Because the toothpaste contains small abrasive particles. When polishing, tiny particles of paint come off the car and mix with the cream. Together, the mixture fills in the smallest scratches and the paintwork appears in new splendor.

Headlights and toothpaste are an absolute taboo

But be careful: everyone has toothpaste at home and it is ideal for removing scratches. But you can’t use it to polish your entire car. Polishing the headlights is forbidden in Germany. The toothpaste is already sufficient here to grind off the protective layer of the case. This is equivalent to a “structural change” and is therefore not permitted.

As a result, the entire vehicle can lose its registration. Is your headlight scratched, yellowed or blinded? Better not to lend a hand and try to solve the problem. Instead, swap out the case for a good used one or a new one. Because household items such as toothpaste are taboo here.

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