Holidays in the USA Discover the secret treasures of Arizona


Spectacular landscapes and expanses to the horizon – that’s Arizona. And so much more! We introduce you to travel highlights that will make your next trip to the USA an unforgettable experience.

Deserts, bizarre rock formations and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon are the flagship of Arizona. But what you might not know: the US state in the southwest of the country has a lot more to offer. So Arizona is one Mecca for foodie and is home to the best SPAs and wellnessResorts of the USA. It is therefore worth going on a journey of discovery off the beaten track. let go Arizona inspire!

Retro kick on Route 66

Retro kick on Route 66
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Across the country: The historical one Route 66 begins in Chicago in the Midwest and ends in Santa Monica, California. Among its most beautiful sections are those from Seligman above Hackberry until king man and a second from Winslow after Holbrook. The road trip takes you to 1950s USA with its diners, gas stations and neon signs. You should not miss a stop in Seligman at the Snow Cap Diner, meeting place for “Easy Rider” fans from all over the world.

Another Instagram motif straight out of a picture book is the general store of Hackberry. You can also go shopping here – but that’s a minor matter, because the General Store is considered the most beautiful museum on the subject of the Route 66. You recognize it from afar: a dreamlike one corvette Year of construction 1956 under the canopy of the store shows you the way to rarities – and to all kinds of kitsch.

But also the distance between Winslow and Holbrook is remarkable because it is here that you will find historic motels, many of which have been restored, like this wigwam motel in Holbrook. So: let yourself be fascinated by the “Mother Road” of the USA and enjoy your little journey through time.

Hidden places along Route 66

Hidden places along Route 66
© Arizona Office of Tourism

Once again Route 66? Oh yeah! On both routes, smaller and larger natural wonders await you on the left and right of the road, which you should not miss on your road trip.

So leads from Holbrook just a 30 minute drive to petrifiedForestnational park, which owes its name to the numerous deposits of petrified wood and animal fossils from the Triassic period. And that too Little Painted Desert county Park is worth a stop – the deposits shimmer with every color of the rainbow.

From Hackberry from you drive about three hours to Canyon Diablo, which will impress you with its sheer walls. Incidentally, the steepest section is included Winslow. king man finally offers you the proximity to another hidden treasure, the Hualapai Mountain Park. With a bit of luck you can even observe mountain lions – i.e. pumas – here. You see: A trip on the Route 66 combines American nostalgia with nature experience in a perfect way.

Arizona – Foodies welcome!

Arizona – Foodies welcome!
© Arizona Office of Tourism

To discover Arizona from its culinary side, we recommend a road trip from Tucson in the south of the US state via the capital Phoenix in the center of the country to the camp just north of it Verde. You need almost four hours by car for the entire route – so you can take enough time for smaller and larger stops and live your life as a foodies enjoy.

your tour in Tucson to begin with makes sense: From the UNESCO Named the first “City of Gastronomy” in the USA, you will find an incredible range of restaurants and taco bars. Your second stop is Phoenix, the “Capital of Slow Food”. A tip: many restaurants in and around Phoenix have terraces or gardens and offer a beautiful view over the city. Great for one foodiesTrip in summer!

And because Arizona offers not only a varied cuisine, but also great wines, a visit to a winery should definitely be on your list. A detour to the Alcantara Vineyard at camp Verdeabout 90 minutes north of Phoenix located. The winery near the river Verde is made for a picnic at sunset – the ideal way to end a day in Arizona.

Resorts & retreats – pure relaxation!

Resorts & retreats – pure relaxation!
© Arizona Office of Tourism

Relax, do nothing, and all in the most beautiful nature? Arizona offers you exactly that Resorts and retreats with the best service – often around the clock. To get into the “Arizona way of Life” To immerse yourself, for example, the generous one is recommended We-Ko-Pa resort & Conference center in fort McDowell North-east of Phoenix. Guests come here to golf, in the Casino bingo to play and just have a good time.

If you get one wellness– Want a vacation, that’s it western Kierland resort & SPA in Scottsdale a good choice. And you can play golf here too. The also promises an extremely luxurious stay L’Auberge en sedona in the high desert city of the same name flagstaff. The spectacular landscape alone with its towering red rock walls is worth a visit. In addition to classic applications, this retreat also activities such as forest bathing or sound healing at.

You can completely immerse yourself in nature Shash dinner Eco retreat at page on the border to Utah in the extreme north Arizona’s. It is located on an indigenous ranch Navajo and provides its guests with comfortably furnished tents in the vastness of the property. You will quickly regain your balance in this environment characterized by natural tranquillity. And the glittering starry sky is included for free…

Outdoor adventure for the whole family

Outdoor adventure for the whole family
© Joel Grimes

Mountain biking, climbing, canoeing and horseback riding: Arizona is the perfect one destinations for outdoors-Athlete. And hiking is the best way to combine sporting activity and exploring the sights. If you’re traveling with younger kids, that’s no problem, as there are also designated trails for families, like the Double Butte Loop Trail near Phoenix or the Aspen Loop Trail in the Coconino National Forest near flagstaff.

A day at the beach is always a good idea. And there is in Arizona so some. For example the Pebble beachabout 30 km northeast of mesa. Here you swim in the salt river and enjoy the view. Since no motor boats are allowed here, there is heavenly peace for free. Patagonia is also known for its beaches Lake State Park and an insider tip is the small, dreamy beach Roper Lake in Safford.

Arizona is and remains a destination of hidden treasures. Now only you are missing to discover them.

are you ready for Arizona’s whole variety? Then take off – with a direct flight from/to Frankfurt. It couldn’t be more comfortable! All information for your perfect holiday in Arizona you find on See you soon!

Discover the secret treasures of Arizona

Discover the secret treasures of Arizona
© © Arizona Office of Tourism


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