Her husband is 37 years younger She already has 7 children – 62-year-old does not feel too old for another baby

Their love divides minds: Cheryl and Quran McGregor have been separated for almost 40 years – but they still want to raise a child together.

The love of the mother of seven Cheryl (62) and her husband Quran (26) is exposed to many hostilities. Seeing the couple on social media or appearing together on ITV’s British TV show This Morning, where they were video-joined from Atlanta, the big age difference is indeed very clear, but the two’s togetherness works harmonious.

desire to have children

The unlikely couple lives in Rome, Georgia. As reported by the Irish “Mirror” citing “This Morning”, Cheryl now wants to have an eighth baby with her husband. Of course, she actually knows that she cannot carry an eighth baby. But she has no doubt that her strength would be enough for a new kid.

The two are not deterred by negative feedback

In the conversation, Cheryl noted, “Some think that just because I’m old I can’t take care of a baby.” On the contrary, she has “more energy than half of these children who are now taking care of babies”, there is no problem here. And further: “No, I can’t have a baby myself, but we have researched surrogacy and are looking here.” Otherwise, adoption might be an option for them.

Cheryl and Quran have fans and haters

Since Quran revealed his relationship with Cheryl and the struggles that have accompanied it on TikTok, the couple has more than three million fans. But even in the family, the coexistence of the two is controversial, not all of Cheryl’s children are at their side.

Cheryl and Quran have known each other since 2012, when they both worked at the same fast food chain and Quran was just a teenager. When they met again in 2020, it sparked. The young man was now a janitor and discovered Cheryl as a cashier in a supermarket. The following year they said yes – in front of 20,000 viewers in a live stream.

“U.S. against the rest of the world”

While Quran emphasized, “We’ll just get on with our lives because we’re happy, we’re very happy, despite all the hostility,” it’s not easy for Cheryl. She admitted it would feel like “us against the world”.

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Dominik Gassner inspires hundreds of thousands with dialect pop
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