Heartbreaking Story Blind Man’s Buff cuddles with her rescuers every day

Dairy cow Helen is now an old lady. She has found a new home with “Uncle Neil’s Home” and shows every day how happy it makes her.

Helen had lived her life on a dairy farm in New Jersey, where she was born blind 19 years ago. When the previous owners could no longer adequately care for the injured cow, they looked for a place of refuge. They discovered the non-profit Uncle Neil’s Home – a real stroke of luck.

Non-profit organization

The animal lovers at Uncle Neil’s are dedicated to rescuing old, sick or abused farm animals. It’s the ideal place for Helen, although she had to learn how to do it. “When Helen arrived, she was confused and sad,” Rian Feldman, founder and president of Uncle Neil’s Home, told The Dodo. “She’s blind and was taken from the only environment she’d known for 19 years. She wasn’t eating or moving much. So much was new to her – new voices, new food, new surroundings, new sounds and smells. She felt very uncomfortable and worried,” he explained.

Conveys a sense of security

Helen was very insecure, and this is where the “new family” came in. “We spent many hours a day showing her that we loved her and that she was safe,” Rian continued. “We spoke to her very gently, used her name all the time, told her we loved her several times a day and played music for her. We spent a lot of time with her so that she didn’t feel alone, especially in the first few days . We also redesigned her area and made it easier for her to move around since she can’t see.”

The efforts were successful

Helen quickly felt that she was really welcome. Now she wants to return the affection, so to speak. Whenever possible, she seeks physical contact with her rescuers. Ian shared: “She always wants to hug us and touch us… She almost knocks us out every day because she’s banging us with her head, hugging her body tightly and constantly licking our clothes.”

Helen’s happiness gladdens the heart

The mutual love is great, that cannot be overlooked in the Instagram posts.

Although Helen hasn’t been at the rescue center long, everyone there can’t imagine life without her.

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