Guinness Book of Records “Largest dog in the world”: Zeus devours twelve bowls of dry food every day

When Zeus is thirsty, he drinks directly from the kitchen faucet over the sink. And when he stands on his hind legs, he can easily reach a stick that a tall man is holding out to him by the arm that is stretched vertically upwards. Zeus measures 2.13 meters when standing, according to the “Guinness Book of Records” no other dog in the world is that tall. When he is on all fours, his highest point – the so-called withers – is 104.6 centimeters.

A challenge in every respect

As the “” portal further reports, Zeus not only needs a lot of space, which the four-legged giant has on the Davis family’s property in Bedford, but also tons of food: the 77-kilogram Great Dane eats twelve bowls of dry food every day. According to the article, the noble animal with silvery shimmering fur and white bib is very gentle despite its immense size. In the YouTube video below, you can see how Zeus carefully sits head to head next to a baby lying on a playmat.

A relaxed nature

“Honestly, he sleeps most of the day,” says Brittany Davis. “He likes to just sit in his crib and chew on his toys.” According to his mistress, Zeus is one of the lazier members of his species. He is only active between 15 and 20 minutes a day. He relaxes the rest of the day.

Biggest dog in the world with special preferences

If she wants to get Zeus wide awake, only peanut butter will help, continues Brittany Davis. He loves her warmly and deeply. And visiting the farmer’s market is also one of his favorite pastimes. The attention of the market audience should be guaranteed for the special team.

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