Funny footage Dog Greyson takes an unusual walk with his master

Dogs and masters develop a very special relationship, which also has a lot to do with imitation on the part of the animals. What could be nicer than pursuing a common hobby? It’s the same with James Bonde and Greyson.

Greyson was a shelter dog

Greyson was abandoned as a puppy and taken to an animal shelter. James met him here and adopted the little boy when he was only a few months old. A good choice, because the chemistry between the two was right immediately. Now they are inseparable.

Dog with that certain something

“He goes everywhere I go,” James told animal-themed portal The Dodo. And because he is a dedicated outdoor enthusiast and loves and tries out every kind of sporting activity, Greyson has followed suit. Both go hiking, kayaking and surfing. And that’s not all, they also use a special means of transport: the Onewheel.

dog on the bike

Of course, Greyson also likes to sniff around on his four paws, but not only that. Because his master likes to ride the Onewheel in the city, he has also conquered this self-balancing electric means of transport. And as the highly clicked TikTok clips of James in the “@greysonthedoggo” channel impressively prove, the dog has mastered the device.

James has reported that Greyson was initially just his passenger, riding along – but that didn’t last long.

Owner James explains: “Greyson loves these rides”

Greyson quickly developed a feel for the Onewheel and its controls. Soon he was effortless on his own and even mastered uneven terrain. So James decided to buy his dog his own Onewheel – and both have become a special eye-catcher on their trips together. “Greyson loves these rides,” James said proudly, “I don’t think he knows how great he is!”

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