First or at the end? When is the best time to put spices in the cooking pot

Spices make most dishes really tasty. Most people intuitively add spices to the pan or saucepan. There is a perfect time for everyone. This is the only way they can really develop their taste.

Spice Rule Basics

  • tender Herbs with fine leaveslike basil, cilantro, dill, and parsley, you should after cooking added, otherwise the flavor may be lost.
  • Also paprika, saffron, pepper and nutmeg are heat sensitive and should only be added after cooking.
  • Herbs with harder leaves such as rosemary, oregano, thyme and laurel unfold their full aroma when they cooked for a long time became. This also applies to juniper berries, cinnamon, turmeric and caraway.
  • Some spices, such as mustard seeds or black cumin, taste even more intense if you roast them briefly in the pan before cooking.

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