Father’s Day Tradition What is the tradition behind Father’s Day?

The Father’s Day tradition simply explained:

Even if the name Father’s Day suggests otherwise: In Germany, not only fathers go on a trip together.

  • Instead, childless men get together to go for a drink and enjoy nature.
  • This tradition can be traced back to the men’s games from the 19th century, which in turn arose from so-called corridor walkways from the 18th century.
  • The corridors were used for border control of a village, which the men had to take care of. Young men who were about to grow up were taken along and integrated into the community through initiation rites.
  • There were pragmatic reasons for the men’s excursions to take place on Ascension Day. On the one hand, the men’s games took place in the spring because of the nice weather and Ascension Day was already a holiday on which everyone had the day off.
  • Then as now, handcarts were a natural part of the means of transport. Nothing has changed to this day!

Armed with beer and wagons – how and when the Lord’s Day is celebrated today:

Today, the meaning of Father’s Day is largely clear. On this day, the gentlemen can really have a good time. Unencumbered by various duties and also without wife and children.

  • As a rule, fathers receive small gifts from their offspring on Father’s Day. After breakfast we set off together and happily wander through nature.
  • Incidentally, Father’s Day is always celebrated exactly 39 days after Easter Sunday, on Ascension Day. Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is not an official holiday for us. However, Ascension Day is one of the nationwide public holidays, so most employees have this Thursday off. Friday is often planned as a bridging day, so that men can really let it rip on Father’s Day.
  • In short: In contrast to Mother’s Day, which is usually always celebrated as a family day, on Father’s Day the men stay or stayed among themselves. And who hasn’t seen them, the cheerful groups of men who like to go out into the countryside with a handcart, a carriage or even a tractor and a good load of alcohol.

Here’s how Father’s Day is celebrated in other countries:

Today, fathers are commemorated on one day a year in almost all countries. However, there are differences in each country as to how and when the lords of creation are commemorated.

  • In the US, France and the Netherlands, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.
  • In Italy, Spain and Bolivia, Joseph’s Day on March 19 is considered Father’s Day, while in Australia and New Zealand the first Sunday in September is Father’s Day.
  • In these countries, the men don’t go out alone, but enjoy the day with their families. There are often small presents for dad, some of which are homemade, we eat well together or use our free time for family trips.

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