Father vents his anger Teachers show schoolgirls what they can eat

Sometimes “well meant” is the opposite of “well done”. Such is the case with this story from Newport, Wales, reported by, based on the angry TikTok clip of father-of-three Ross Hunt.

In view of the large number of overweight children and the associated diseases, no one would seriously deny that it is important to educate people about healthy eating. However, the action in Isabelle Hunt’s elementary school went too far and backfired.

Should lunch boxes be controlled?

In his emotional post, Ross makes it clear how much he is annoyed by the way his daughter’s school is run. The teachers insisted that the girl eat the vegetables and sandwich first before the sweet treats. He responded with a note that he put in the lunch box: “Welcome to Isabelle’s lunch box! We know the contents of this box and are happy that Isabelle eats what she wants”.

Annoying transgression

Ross clearly sees the action against his daughter as harassment. She prevented his child from eating their lunch in peace and together with their friends. It’s irritatingly okay for kids to eat chocolate cake from school, but candy in the lunch box is stressful.

Ross was about to write a second note – “Get away from the lunch box you nosy damn bandit” – but his partner Rachel stopped him.

Almost exemplary content

Ross also resisted the temptation to “stuff the box full of candy.” Instead, he included a sandwich, carrot sticks, an apple, a pear, a small bag of chips, Rainbow Drop lollipops, and a chocolate egg. His appeal is clear: “Stop telling children what they should and shouldn’t eat, let the parents decide.”

Most TikTok users are behind Ross with their comments. They supported the father’s view, shared the frustration and wrote about their own similar experiences.

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