Eyes lasered Do I have to change my driver’s license now?

Tired of glasses or contact lenses? Many then opt for eye surgery. With the help of laser interventions, impairments of vision can be easily corrected nowadays. Eyesight is particularly important when driving. There is a note on the driver’s license if you wear glasses. Anyone who forgets their visual aids and is driving without one in the car faces a warning fine of 25 euros or more according to the catalog of fines. With your newly gained vision, you should have your driver’s license changed so that you don’t have to pay a fine for driving without visual aids.

Eyes lasered: Have your driver’s license changed by the driver’s license authority

After the laser treatment, most patients no longer need visual aids. In this case, this should also be noted on the driver’s license. Or rather: the note that you need visual aids can be deleted. Because if you are caught at a traffic stop and the note is still on your driver’s license, you will pay a fine despite your perfect eyesight.

To change your driver’s license, you must submit an application to your responsible driver’s license authority. For this you need your identity card or passport, a biometric passport photo, your previous driver’s license and a current eye test or a certificate from an ophthalmologist. A normal eye test is sufficient for a classic category B driving licence. Processing may take some time. To bridge the gap, you will then receive a provisional certificate of your new eyesight. You must carry this with you when driving.

However, changing your driver’s license is not entirely free. The costs vary from region to region, but are usually around 25 euros. Note that there are also costs for the passport photo and the eye test.

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