Every parent’s nightmare After RS ​​virus disease: Doctors have to amputate a leg of a 10-month-old boy


Meanwhile, Zayn Seguna is a happy little boy of ten months who is developing with his age. Nevertheless, he will have to deal with a handicap throughout his life, which his mother Joanna believes is due to the error of a medical team in the Maltese town of Msida.

The Seguna family had come to Malta from Australia

The family of four traveled to the Mediterranean island in autumn 2022 for the funeral of a relative. Apparently, the hardships of the long flight and the climate change took a toll on little Zayn. He caught a bad cold that developed into RSV bronchiolitis. Therefore he had to be treated in the “Mater Dei Hospital” in Msida, as “” reported.

Medical errors of the doctors?

When treating Zayn, doctors apparently made a serious mistake when placing an access line that restricted blood flow in one leg, quickly leading to extensive muscle and tissue damage. “They hit an artery, which they knew immediately because his leg became pale and cold and immediately changed color,” Joanna told

Zayn had to be flown to London

Even if the doctors took countermeasures immediately: Zayn’s condition continued to deteriorate. “On the fourth day they told me they didn’t have a pediatric vascular surgeon and he would have to be transported to the UK to save the leg,” Joanna said.

An air ambulance took the family to London, where a few hours later Zayn underwent surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital to restore blood flow. Unfortunately, too much time had passed and the muscle and tissue damage proved too severe: the lower leg had to be amputated below the knee.

Serious allegations from parents

In January, the little one was able to return to Australia, but had to be in intensive care for another ten days to recover from a virus. After a total of 73 days in the hospital, he is now back with his family.

“It breaks my heart. I have the feeling that the Maltese doctors have destroyed his life,” lamented the mother. The family wrote a letter to the hospital in Msida, alleging doctors’ negligence. They failed to provide timely information that the baby would have to be taken to another hospital as soon as possible to have the artery repaired. The reaction is still pending.

Friends and acquaintances have launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to at least catch the financial problems. More than 90,000 Australian dollars, more than 56,000 euros, have been raised so far.


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