Even in summer That’s why you should definitely close the window in the bathroom at night

In many German households, airing is a daily habit. Whether tilted or for quick ventilation, windows are regularly open to provide fresh air.

It’s almost a science in itself, after all, not all ventilation is the same. Nevertheless, many people quickly make mistakes in the bathroom, which in case of doubt can even be harmful to their health.

Improper ventilation can cause mold

After a shower, damp air usually hangs in the bathroom. If you can, you should therefore open the window wide after showering. This is the only way the moisture can be properly removed. If you don’t do this, mold can quickly take hold.

How often should you air the bathroom?

As a rule of thumb, the window in the bathroom should not only be opened wide after each shower, but also several times throughout the day.

It is important that the window for airing in winter should be wide open for about five to ten minutes. About twice as long in summer. In this way, the air in the bathroom circulates sufficiently and does not form a damp basis for moldy stains.

You should avoid permanent ventilation in the bathroom

Anyone who now comes up with the idea of ​​providing a fresh draft of air in the bathroom all night to prevent mold is wrong. Because if the window is open for a longer period of time at night, the heat escapes from the room.

This also cools down walls and walls. As a result, the air circulates less and more moisture accumulates in the bathroom than before. If the outside temperature drops at night, the humid air is drawn into the walls.

Airing out is the best option

Not only is it healthier to open the window wide for a few minutes. It is also much more effective and energy-saving. The tilting window is a great invention, but in rooms with high humidity you should avoid this function if possible.

This article first appeared on FOCUS online.

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