Emotional adventure The family goes on a trip around the world in a pink mobile home for their sick son

“We just got back from a boat tour,” chats Jessica Pietzko (35). Her children Jano (9) and Jana (2) can be heard laughing in the background. With father Jonas (35) they form the Pietzko family – or the “Jots” as they call themselves, since all their names begin with “J”. However, one family member stands out: “Heidi” is the pink mobile home with which the family has been traveling around the world since February 2022.

Son Jano has already had many hospital stays

Started in Germany, she made her way through twelve other countries, further and further towards the Middle East. The highlight of the trip: that son Jano was able to swim in the Dead Sea, which “is very good for the skin.” Jano struggles with it neurodermatitis, asthma and multiple allergies. He has already spent many stays in special and health clinics – the family travels around the world for the most part for him.

During the 2021 holiday in Italy, Jano noticed improvements in his breathing problems. “That’s when we asked ourselves for the first time: Is there another country where our son could be in better health?” says Jessica. No sooner said than done: it was within half a year the trip planned. They sold or donated their things, and some were taken to the residual waste depot. The proceeds from the sale of the house in Geesthacht are now financing the trip for the family.

The family goes on a trip around the world in a pink mobile home

Jessica and Jonas have applied for parental leave from their employers to travel. In order to avoid compulsory schooling for Jano, they deregistered his stay in Germany. In elementary school “you can still pick up the knowledge well,” says Jessica.

How the family’s environment reacts to their journey and where to go next, read at

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