Easter 2023 That’s why the washing taboo applies during Holy Week

During Holy Week, some Christians refrain from washing their clothes. But why? We explain the background and the meaning of this tradition in the Christian faith.

There are many rules to be observed during Holy Week: the ban on dancing and music, the taboo on haircuts and not wearing jewelry! These customs and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation and have existed for many centuries. The reason for the numerous rules is understandable. In order to focus on spiritual reflection and reverence for the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, we should distract ourselves as little as possible. Another restriction is the washing ban in the Easter week.

Absurd restrictions during Holy Week

This may sound absurd to some people at first, but it is an important part of the Holy Week tradition in many Catholic countries such as Spain, Italy and Latin America, as well as other Christian communities. So why not do laundry during this holy week? There are various reasons, but one of the most common is the belief that doing laundry, as mentioned above, is a distraction from the spiritual significance of the time.

The washing taboo at Easter

By avoiding washing clothes during Holy Week, one can focus on what matters most – namely, spiritual growth and reflection. Also, it is believed that washing clothes this week brings bad luck. Historically, this custom is even documented in the “Middle Elbian Dictionary”. There it says that whoever wears a washed shirt during Holy Week and falls ill will soon die.

Although this custom is not as widespread today as it used to be, it is still practiced by many people. Some communities even have special bans on laundry, which are not just limited to Holy Week, but also extend to other religious holidays such as Christmas or Easter.

Easter, Christmas & Co.: This tradition can also be extended to other holidays

Even if nowadays not everyone pays attention to the washing ban during Holy Week, there are still many people who follow this tradition and even extend it to other religious holidays. It is an important part of the heritage of many Christian communities and is also seen as a way to reflect on the spiritual significance of this special time.

Other Easter traditions

Holy Week is used by many Christians to devote themselves to the spiritual practice of Christianity. They should do without a variety of things. For example, during Holy Week in some Catholic countries one should avoid meat and instead prefer fish or vegetarian dishes. Alcohol is also taboo for many Christians. In addition, there is a strict ban on jewelry and haircuts in many church communities during Easter week? But that’s not all, because during Holy Week it is better to avoid cooking peas!

Watch the video below to see why Easter is so important to the British monarch!

Silent Holidays: Why are more than 700 films not allowed to be played at Easter?

On silent holidays such as Good Friday or National Day of Mourning, there is not only a ban on dancing in Germany, but also a ban on the public showing of certain films. There is a list of over 700 films that are not allowed to be shown on such days because they could offend religious feelings. Each federal state decides on the bans individually, and the FSK only checks for a public holiday release if this has been expressly requested. Most of the films on the list belong to the comedy, erotic and horror genres, but there are also curious entries such as the Beatles film “A Hard Day’s Night” or children’s films such as “Max and Moritz” and “Kalle Blomquist”. The Heinz Rühmann classic “Die Feuerzangenbowle” was on the list for a long time, although it has now been approved

Watch the video below to see why over 700 films are banned this Easter!

Why over 700 films are banned at Easter

Why over 700 films are banned at Easter

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