Double happiness to the power of two A woman gives birth to identical twins twice – only a year apart

The happy parents of the now one-year-old sons Luka and Levi never dreamed that they would become parents again after only 13 months. And that’s not all: the daughters Lynlee and Lydia, who were born in August, are also identical twins.

In both cases a natural conception

Speaking to, elementary school teacher Britney (27) said both twin pregnancies were born without reproductive support. She and her husband Frankie (25), who works as a fireman, have become parents of four in a very short time. And they are an eye-catcher everywhere with their four-seater stroller: “People stare at us when we are in public. I’ve been stopped all the time when it was just Luka and Levi … Now it’s like a circus and all want to take a look!”

Britney and Frankie on their twins: ‘They have a unique bond’

The Albas manage their turbulent family life very well. The attention doesn’t bother them – especially since they know how special identical twins are. “Yes, they’re super cute, but they also have a unique bond,” the mother says. Only since Luka and Levi have shared a children’s room have they both slept through the night.

And the baby girls would, according to Britney feel most comfortable when they are touching or holding hands. In addition, Lynlee and Lydia are so-called monoamniotic twins who shared the same amniotic sac.

Special risk pregnancy

In this very rare form of monozygotic twin pregnancy, there is a high risk of stillbirth due to possibly knotted umbilical cords of the embryos. Britney was therefore admitted to the “Women and Infants Center” at the University Hospital in Birmingham, Alaska, in the 25th week of pregnancy and was closely monitored. In the 32nd week of pregnancy, the girls were born by caesarean section. Britney wasn’t afraid: “I remember thinking, ‘OK! Round two.'”

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