Dogs Three commands that dogs are guaranteed not to obey

Have you ever caught yourself shouting the following sentences to your dog? Then it’s high time to reconsider this, because according to experts, many dog ​​owners do things that are absolutely taboo. We have put together three communication no-gos for you that you should better avoid in order to achieve better understanding with your faithful companion.

The “anti-word” for dogs: “No!”

An absolute no-go in dog training is the word “no”. It is often misused and overpronounced. Imagine the doorbell ringing and your dog happily jumping up to greet your guest. You grab your dog and forcefully push him down while yelling “No! Bad dog! Don’t jump up!” call. But what does your dog learn from this? He doesn’t understand the connection between his previous behavior and the punishment that followed. Instead, he may incorrectly learn that sitting in front of a guest is bad – the complete opposite of what you were trying to achieve. Your dog then associates sitting quietly with the negative “no”.

For example, even if your dog is lying in his bed and watching you expectantly while chewing on your shoe at the same time, simply shouting “no” isn’t enough. Your dog can’t tell which of the three things he’s doing is wrong. In the worst case, he could learn that even lying quietly and paying attention is not acceptable to you. Clear and understandable communication is required here.

The no-go command: “Come here! Treats!”

When you call your dog in a friendly way, and maybe even promise him a treat, it should always be followed by a positive experience. Unfortunately, many dog ​​owners use this tactic to lure the dog to do unpleasant things like a bath or a vet visit. This will teach your dog that the “come here” command isn’t necessarily a good thing, and it may make you less trusting in the future. Always combine such moments with a special reward and don’t try to trick your dog.

Silence or shouting – neither is a good choice

Both complete silence and shouting should be avoided when dealing with dogs. Don’t just ignore unwanted behavior because while your dog may not be getting the attention it deserves, it’s not a good way of communicating. It is better to give clear and understandable commands and to make it clear to your dog what you expect from him.

Dogs have excellent hearing and generally perceive things differently than we humans do. Screaming is a sign of overwhelm on the part of humans and can only confuse and frighten the dog. Studies have shown that yelling can cause increased stress levels in dogs. In addition, yelling does not make the dog obey better – this also applies to repeated shouting of a command.

Proper communication with dogs

It is crucial to design your dog’s living space in a way that prevents problems from occurring in the first place. For example, keep food and shoes out of his reach. Be proactive and not reactive to avoid unnecessary trouble. If your dog does something you don’t want him to do, instead of just saying “No! Out!” clearly show him what you want him to do. to yell.

The interaction between dog and human

Our furry companions are always there for us unconditionally and offer us more than just comfort. Studies have shown that animals in busy situations can reduce stress. Our furry friends have a special ability to calm us down and support us in difficult times.

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