Doesn’t taste good That’s why you shouldn’t store chocolate in the fridge

The Germans eat an average of nine kilograms of chocolate a year – and we rank second behind Switzerland in Europe. Many store the chocolate in the refrigerator. But the following applies: the higher the quality of the variety, the worse this offense.

Why shouldn’t the chocolate go in the fridge?

Chocolate expert Luke Owen Smith cites three reasons for the refrigerator ban. A good bar has aromas that are similarly complex to those of a high-quality wine, but storage plays a particularly important role when it comes to the cocoa-based treat.

Chocolate likes a dry 15 degrees best

Cool, but not cold and not too humid: This is how chocolate develops its aromas best. Texture, melting point and aromas come into their own in this way. A refrigerator simply saws off part of the taste with its low temperatures.

fridge smell

Food quickly absorbs smells and aromas from other products in the refrigerator. Chocolate is considered to be particularly susceptible. For this reason, storage in the refrigerator is not recommended. The only exception: the chocolate is packed airtight.

Avoid fluctuations

Temperature changes and humidity quickly make themselves felt on the chocolate, both visually and in terms of taste – in the form of white spots and stripes on the chocolate. These stains are caused by poor storage, for example in the refrigerator. Although they are harmless, they reduce the enjoyment.

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