Disrupts sexual desire Men with “man child” syndrome are absolutely unattractive to women

Men who live out their “mother’s boy” existence in their relationships, show childish behavior, leave most of the housework to their wives and generally appear unable to take care of themselves can become a real burden for their partners.

And: According to a new study, they can also lose some of their attractiveness in their eyes. Not only does the dynamic in relationships suffer, but also the sex life.

Men with “man child” syndrome are absolutely unattractive to women

A recent study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior shows that these men’s infantile behavior is not only disruptive to everyday life, but can also affect their partners’ sexual desire: women who do more housework than their partners tend to do so to perceive these men as dependent children – which significantly reduces their libido.

In addition, a “man child” is also characterized by a range of childlike behaviors ranging from immaturity and irresponsibility to heavy dependency: they tend to neglect everyday chores and often rely on their partners or even parents for help to cope with their everyday life. According to the study’s findings (which, if we’re being honest, aren’t exactly surprising), the less responsibility a partner takes on in the relationship, the less women can take them seriously.

How do you recognize a “Man Child”?

But how do you recognize a “Man Child” anyway? These men often tend to act self-centered, putting their own needs ahead of others, and having little regard for the feelings or needs of those around them. As classic mama’s boys, they often show a lack of ambition or drive in a wide range of areas of life, from their careers to personal goals.

Another trait that is characteristic of Man Childs is their tendency to avoid conflict and not to acknowledge the consequences of their actions. They often blame others instead of taking responsibility for their behavior.

Of course, we don’t mean that you should constantly look for conflicts and confrontations from now on. But whoever just pulls in the proverbial tail is doing himself and his relationship a disservice. After all, only those who communicate accordingly can expect respect and equality.

So if you have recognized a few characteristics of yourself in this text, it is worth rethinking your behavior. This not only benefits the harmony in your relationship, but also your sex life.

By David Goller

Originally Posted by Playboy

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