Daylight Saving Time For 3 signs of the zodiac, the time change brings a special energy boost

Summer time starts in a few days. Three zodiac signs get a real boost from the time change.

On March 26th it’s that time again: Daylight saving time begins and the clocks are turned back at 3 a.m. to 2 a.m. Some people detest the time change in spring. After all, this means that they have to get up an hour earlier than usual on Monday in order to be in the office on time.

Other people long for the summertime. Among them, representatives of three zodiac signs are particularly common. They primarily see advantages in the time change. However, these are different for each of the three signs of the zodiac.

Some zodiac signs live life to the fullest, see the video above for more.

Zodiac sign Virgo – gift hour

The hard-working Virgo is an ardent supporter of summertime. This ambitious zodiac sign appreciates being able to suddenly start the day an hour earlier. After all, the Virgo is the born lark who bursts with energy in the morning hours, but also wants to go to bed early in the evening.

The Virgo does not necessarily endear itself to many colleagues who suffer from a bit of jet lag due to the time change. Because she is already in a good mood in the morning, while others would prefer to pull the covers over their heads one more time and struggle to get to the office.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius – time for long nights

The reasons why Sagittarius loves summer time are opposite to those of Virgo. This zodiac sign, who doesn’t avoid any party, enjoys the fact that it’s suddenly an hour longer in the evening.

Now Sagittarius can finally meet up with his friends again in daylight in the beer garden and street café and celebrate carefree into the twilight. The changeover to daylight saving time is another reason for Sagittarius to open the beer garden season: at least until the summer solstice in June, you can rely on the fact that it stays light in the evening a little longer than the day before.

This is what distinguishes the shooter.

Zodiac sign Capricorn – the starting signal for spring cleaning

Capricorns need fixed rituals that they associate with specific times of the year. At Christmas, this zodiac sign loves to decorate the tree. At Easter you can be sure to find the ibex in the garden, where he hides colorful eggs.

The time change in spring is also a fixed point for him, which gives him a lot of energy. Now is the time to whip up the house with a spring cleaning. So Capricorn rolls up his sleeves and gets to work full of vigour. And since he is one of the meticulous zodiac signs, it only takes a short time before everything sparkles and flashes in his home. For the Capricorn, the changeover to summer time is the moment to start spring in a good mood year after year.

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