Cute love story bitch is waiting outside her neighbor’s window for her daily kisses

Wonderful dog love: After Winnie and Chip initially only exchanged kisses at the window, they recently experienced their first real date.

Winnie is a young poodle mix and very open to making new friends anywhere. Her mistress Sarah Madden has now told the animal theme portal “The Dodo” about her Winnie’s heartwarming love story. It all started with a walk through the residential area.

Sarah Madden tells love story of her dog

One day in her apartment complex, Winnie noticed the shadow of a dog behind the window of a ground floor apartment – and was immediately intrigued. “As soon as she spotted him, she just bolted out into the yard and ran to the window to kiss him,” Sarah said. As it turned out, Chips – a four-legged friend adopted from the animal shelter – had been living in the house for a long time. The dogs hadn’t crossed paths for months.

For the four-legged friends it was love at first sight

Sarah went on to say that the two became inseparable after they first met. Every time she went for a walk, Winnie insisted on visiting Chips first. She always checks to see if he’s home and “gets a little sad when he’s not.” The dog also internalized the special sound of Chips’ paws: “When she hears Chips walking, she always runs to the front door to try to say hello when he comes by”.

Unfortunately, there were always problems with the timing, and only a small gift and an invitation to a date ensured that Winnie and Chips could finally meet officially. On TikTok, we can catch how Winnie was surprised returning from a walk with a toy and a map. “Winnie’s reaction was priceless,” said Sarah. They returned the favor with a return gift – of course Winnie wanted to be Chips’ Valentine.

As it turned out, the dogs didn’t just get along when “windowing”. Sarah noted that Winnie was a little nervous, “but it didn’t take her long to warm up and they were so happy together!” Thanks to TikTok we can convince ourselves and also see what the highlights of the encounter were. Another date will probably not be long in coming.

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