Cute Encounter Child discovers giant dog in store and reacts cutely when introduced to him

In a clip posted to YouTube, the little boy may be very fond of animals, but he is not easily frightened or upset. As “” reported in relation to the short video, it was taken at a pet store in Massachusetts.

Unbiased interest in one another

We experience how, in the midst of goods of all kinds for dogs, cats and the like, a child meets an imposing Great Dane. Apparently, Kernel, the dog, spotted the little boy first and sniffs him closely, which the little one puts up with without yelling – although the difference in size is enormous. The text reveals that the boy and dog were both one year old when they met.

Fascination giant dog

It must have been a bit strange for the boy, his giggle seems a little embarrassed. His parents and possibly the dog owner can be heard in the background, so he was never alone. But he thinks the size of the gentle four-legged friend, whose spotted fur is reminiscent of a Dalmatian, is great.


And the little one accepts the offer of stroking Kernel without hesitation. On legs that are still a little unsteady, he approaches and pats the dog timidly, but without fear. In between, you even get the feeling that Kernel wants to tease his new little friend…

The Great Dane is a special dog

Despite his size, Kernel is so trusting and gentle because he is a trained therapy and service dog. His owner did a certified training with him at the umbrella organization of American pedigree dog breeders. On her Instagram channel “kermelthegreatdane” she regularly posts scenes from her life with the four-legged friend, which now weighs more than 80 kilograms. It turns out that he is empathetic and helpful, but also likes a joke.

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