Bye, travel stress This is how you pack your suitcase like a pro

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The next vacation is coming up and you are already afraid that you don’t have enough space in your suitcase? Understandable, because packing your suitcase cleverly for your vacation is not that easy. Often there are far too many things that you want to take with you on vacation. And in the end you forgot half of it. So every time you ask yourself how to make packing easier.

We’ll give you some helpful tips and show you the best gadgets that make packing child’s play, so that there is still enough space in the suitcase for souvenirs at the end of the trip.

6 practical gadgets for vacation 2023

  1. Panniers – from around 20 euros at
  2. 100ml bottles for refilling – from around 11 euros at
  3. Mobile luggage scales – from 14 euros at
  4. Transparent toilet bag – from about 12 euros at
  5. Light hand luggage bag – from about 11 euros at
  6. Waterproof mobile phone case – from around 16 euros at

Pack cleverly: These accessories should not be missing

1. Panniers for the suitcase

Simply throwing clothes in the suitcase at random never makes sense, so it makes sense to write a list of all the things that absolutely have to go in beforehand. You should also make sure that really heavy things come down into the suitcase.

To save space, tops, pants, etc. can be rolled up tightly. Delicate blouses or fabrics such as wool are super easy to put in a pannier. They are available in all shapes and colors on Amazon. Underwear can also be stowed away in it. So everything has its place at the same time and nothing flies around in the suitcase.

In addition, we recommend placing shoes individually and cushioning them with socks. So you can use the space effectively and the shoes keep their actual shape.

Panniers for suitcases in gray (8 pieces)

Panniers for suitcases in beige (8 pieces)

2. 100ml refillable bottles

Shampoo, shower gel, cream and other cosmetics are often only found in large containers at home. However, these take up far too much space in the suitcase or toiletry bag. That’s why travel bottles are a space-saving alternative and, with their 100ml size, are also perfect for hand luggage.

If you want to be a little more environmentally conscious, you are welcome to use the silicone version. Even the last drop of shampoo can be squeezed out of this and it breaks less often than its plastic counterpart.

Silicone travel bottle set including toiletry bag

Travel bottle set including toiletry bag

3. Mobile luggage scale

Are you standing at the airport and your suitcase is heavier than allowed? Excess baggage can be quite expensive, so we recommend that you buy a portable luggage scale. So you can easily check at home or in the hotel whether your luggage is within the permitted weight limit.

When buying such a luggage scale, you should make sure that the deviation is as small as possible. We have selected two well-rated variants of a mobile luggage scale on Amazon. Both scales measure luggage up to 50 kg.

Mobile luggage scale up to 50 kg

Mobile luggage scale up to 50 kg

4. Clear wash bag for hand luggage

Those traveling with hand luggage only must fill their liquids and creams into 100ml bottles and keep them in a 1 liter bag. Transparent toiletry bags are very suitable for this.

They are tightly sealed and also more stable than thin plastic bags with a disposable zipper. But not only liquids can be stowed in it so that they are clearly visible for the security check. Important medicines can also be perfectly transported in such a transparent culture bag.

Toiletry bag transparent (1 liter)

Transparent toiletry bag with 1 liter volume (set of 2)

5. Lightweight and foldable bag for your hand luggage

What should not be missing on a trip is of course your hand luggage, in which you stow everything you need during your trip. A large bag with many small, integrated compartments is best suited for this, so that you can find everything again quickly. It is best to choose a model that offers a lot of space but is not too heavy or too bulky. We found such a specimen from the WANDF brand at The model is easy to fold, comes in countless colors and weighs only 200g when empty – with a capacity of 25L.

WANDF Lightweight, foldable carry-on bag

6. Waterproof case for your phone

Anyone who likes to take their cell phone with them wherever they go on holiday should definitely get a waterproof cell phone case. This not only protects your smartphone from water damage on the beach, but also allows you to take photos at a depth of up to 30 meters. This means that water rats don’t have to do without their smartphones for activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and the like.

YOSH waterproof mobile phone case 7.0 inch (2 pieces)

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