Blended Orgasm Double the orgasm? This is possible with this technology

Pure emotional explosion! With a blended orgasm, women come twice and at the same time. The blended orgasm is therefore more intense and beautiful.

Many women are happy when they reliably have an orgasm during lovemaking. But wouldn’t it be even better if it were twice as intense? What sounds too good to be true is actually possible with the Blended Orgasm. And all it takes is a little practice.

You can find out which positions most reliably lead to orgasm in the video below!

Positions that lead to orgasm

Positions that lead to orgasm
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What is a blended orgasm?

The blended orgasm is an orgasm in which the clitoris is stimulated from two sides. It is an orgasm of the external clitoris and vagina. Because the clitoris has two ends and what you see on the outside is only part of it. Among other things, women can have a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral one.

Most nerves are stored along the vagina and not on the outside. Only 18 percent of women experience orgasm from penetration alone, according to a study by Debby Herbenick among women aged 18 to 94 in the United States. 36 percent, on the other hand, needed additional clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. The blended orgasm combines both and is therefore more intense.

Are blended orgasms multiple orgasms?

This is also what separates the blended orgasm from multiple orgasms. The blended orgasm can consist of several orgasms, but they happen at the same time. This makes them feel more intense. Some women describe it as a real emotional explosion. Multiple orgasms, on the other hand, happen one after the other. Women can come several times. However, this requires that the level of arousal is maintained.

For even more and better orgasms, you will find out three ways that will lead you to your goal in an unusual way.

Getting a blended orgasm – Here’s how

Getting a blended orgasm isn’t difficult, but it does require a little more effort than a normal orgasm.

Just relax!

First, like any orgasm, you need to be relaxed. Because the orgasm is primarily a matter of the mind. You have to indulge in lust and enjoy it. If you’re stressed, give yourself some rest beforehand or treat yourself to something nice. For fulfilling sex, it’s always good to block out everything else and not let the stress get to you.

Communication is important

If you want to achieve a good orgasm with your partner, you should be open with him about it. Of course, your partner should also want you to enjoy the sex out of self-interest, after all, you are then easier to get excited about. Explain to him the best way to reach an orgasm and show him what he can do about it. This way you will get a better chance of getting your blended orgasm together.

Sometimes the reasons why you don’t have an orgasm are very simple.

Getting vaginal and clitoral orgasms

Both sides of the clitoris must be stimulated for a blended orgasm. The inner part, around the G-spot, as well as the one visible to the outside. If you’re having sex, penetration is half the battle, because it usually stimulates the G-spot anyway. If you don’t know where your G-spot is, you can feel it at the top of your vagina, about two to two inches deep.

use sex toys

The outer part of the clitoris can be stimulated by hand or with a sex toy. Sex toys can help both of you stimulate yourself. And for your partner, they can offer an interesting experience that is not only fun for you. That’s why it’s worth visiting a sex shop together, or if that’s too intimate for you, just look around for sex toys on the internet.

You can find out here why sex toys can enrich your relationship.

The right position is important

The right position, where your partner can touch your clitoris, is also important for the blended orgasm. If your partner does not have access to it, it will be difficult with the blended orgasm. So make sure his hand can touch you there. The spoon position, for example, is suitable for this.

Practice makes perfect

If you can’t get that super orgasm the first time, that’s no problem. Because the same applies here: Practice makes perfect or, in the case of your partner, perfect. It’s worth experimenting, because that’s how you find your preferences for sex with each other. And there is no single technique for the blended orgasm. It is important that you have fun.

With a little creativity, the missionary position will be much better

Get the blended orgasm alone

Speaking of fun, the good thing about the blended orgasm is that you don’t even need a partner to have it. Although it’s best to experience the orgasm with someone else, you can also have the blended orgasm alone. The principle applies here again. The clitoris can be stimulated inside around the G-spot. The penetration only has to be a few centimeters deep. At the same time you can also touch, rub or even flick the outside of the clitoris and thereby give yourself a strong orgasm. Masturbating can also help you get to know your body better. This will have a positive effect on your partnership. So don’t be shy!

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