Be sure to clarify beforehand Anyone who wants a pet should ask themselves eleven questions

A cute kitten or a sweet puppy – who can say no? But is a pet really right for your family? And if so, which one should you choose?

You can romp or cuddle with him and usually the whole family loves the animal roommate. But it should still be well thought out beforehand which pet you get – and whether you are even ready for one. You should ask yourself the following questions before you let your dog or cat move in with you.

Does an animal fit into our everyday life?

The question of which animal to choose seems child’s play: “I’ve always wanted a dog,” say some. “I’m a cat person,” say the others. But does the desired animal really suit you and your everyday life?

You should ask yourself these questions before you get a pet
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The time available is an important factor, especially when it comes to deciding between a dog and a cat. Dogs need lots of attention and exercise. They usually cannot be left alone for too long. The question quickly arises: Can a dog come into the office? Be sure to clarify beforehand whether this is possible – otherwise it could be difficult.

Is it snowing, raining, storming or is it over 30 degrees? Regardless, a dog always needs exercise, there are no excuses.

Are we willing to invest time in education?

Of course, puppies and young kittens are very cute and adorable to look at. But if you decide to have a cub, you should also be aware that the whole upbringing still lies ahead of you. That costs time and, above all, nerves.

If you have a dog, you should definitely go to dog school. With cats it’s a bit more difficult. But time management is also very important for the cuddly tigers.

You should ask yourself these questions before you get a pet
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Cats want to find a clean litter box, they want their food to be available regularly and they need to be petted. Make regular time to play with the house cat. And even small animals should not be underestimated in terms of the time required: cages have to be cleaned and the animals cared for.

Does anyone in the family have an animal allergy?

Before you get an animal, you should make sure that no one in the family has an allergy. It is best to do an allergy test with a doctor.

Many people are allergic to animal hair, but only notice it when the animal is already in the house. If you know that someone is allergic, don’t just say “That’ll be fine”, because in the worst case the animal has to leave its new family again.

Do you have enough space at home for a dog or cat?

The question of enough space is also essential and has an impact on whether you should get an animal and if so, which one. A Great Dane in a small home is not recommended for anyone, nor is it species-appropriate.

Animals always need a retreat where they can rest. A basket in the hall, squeezed between the wardrobe and the front door, is definitely not enough.

But even small animals such as hamsters or mice should not only be kept in loveless, tiny cages. Sufficient exercise, freedom of movement and opportunities to withdraw are also very important for the smaller four-legged friends.

Which animal goes with the family?

Think carefully about which animal suits the whole family. Do your children romp around a lot or are they only enthusiastic about something for a short time? This also influences the selection: hamsters are nocturnal and want to be left alone during the day. You can’t cuddle a fish or a turtle. An elderly cat rarely feels like children romping around. Keep these things in mind so that no one ends up disappointed.

Can you and do you want to take care of a pet for many years?

Nobody wants to think about the end of the animal when purchasing it. But this saves one or the other animal an old age in the animal shelter. For example, cats and dogs can live up to 15 years.

Pet Store vs Breeder: Where Should You Buy a Pet?

Is it better to get an animal from the shelter or from the breeder or from the pet shop? Of course, that is up to you. But it helps to visit an animal shelter and find out more. There you can make initial contact and also try out a walk. Experienced pet owners in particular will definitely find a loyal companion here who is looking forward to a new home.

One pet or several?

The question of whether it should be one or more animals is often answered quickly. Most people just want a pet at first. However, for some animals it is highly recommended to keep them in pairs or in a group, for example small animals such as chinchillas or mice. This is how you prevent a single animal from getting sick or even dying from loneliness.

Can we afford a pet?

Can I afford an animal? Many quickly answer that with a “Yes!”. But it is a misconception that an animal is not expensive. For example, you not only pay taxes for a dog, but should also take out insurance and calculate that medical expenses will be incurred regularly. Toys, food, vaccinations and other things such as equipment and accessories are also important.

Can we keep an animal in a rented apartment?

If you live in a rented apartment, you should find out beforehand whether you are allowed to have pets at all – and if so, which ones. This can be regulated in detail in the rental agreement or in the house rules.

Off on vacation! Then who takes care of the pet?

If you like to take longer trips and do it more often, you should think twice about whether you really want to get a pet. If you have an animal and are planning a vacation, you should clarify where you can put it or whether you can perhaps take it with you. Some hotels allow dogs to check in for an additional fee.

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