Balcony upgrade 5 stylish decorative pieces for your outdoor living room

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Spring is finally here and with it comes warmer temperatures and fresh air, making it the perfect time to enjoy your balcony alone or with friends and family. what should not be missing: the right decorative pieces for that extra portion of coziness.

Balcony decoration: 5 trend pieces for spring 2023

This makes the outdoor living room really cozy

hanging seats

Hanging seats have been very trendy for some time. The cozy pieces give every decoration concept that certain something and invite you to spend cozy hours outdoors. They can either be hung up or set up with a device.

Indoor & outdoor hanging chair

table fire

You gather with your best friends around a crackling fire on your balcony. Is there a nicer idea? With safe table fires, this becomes a reality. The small fireplaces run on ethanol and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

flower hanging baskets

Hanging flower pots take outdoor decor to a new level. Whether in the macrame style or rather simple and modern – the balcony planting always sets stylish accents.

Hanging flower pot by wiwoo

plant elements

But plants don’t just come into their own when hanging: the balcony can also become an oasis of well-being with trendy raised beds or climbing elements.

Outdoor hanging plant element Tanja

light sources

Cozy light sources are essential for a dignified evening on the balcony. Dimmable chains of lights can be perfectly adjusted to the desired ambience, while smaller light objects cleverly pick up on the decorative concept.

LED light object wildflower

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