Almost all of us are plagued by nightmares from time to time. Each zodiac sign has a different dream to contend with.

Almost all of us are plagued by nightmares from time to time. Each zodiac sign has a different dream to contend with.

How much we would like to experience the most beautiful dreams in our sleep when we sink into bed exhausted in the evening. Unfortunately, our subconscious plays tricks on us and occasionally plagues us with scary nightmares. This is often triggered by everyday experiences, but also by character traits. So it happens that every zodiac sign is haunted by other bogeys at night.

Some zodiac signs are particularly forgetful, see the video above for more information.

Zodiac sign Aquarius – lost in the wilderness

The individualistic Aquarius is used to shaping his life according to his own laws. However, he regularly gets into trouble because his unconventional solutions are not always crowned with success. These experiences then continue in the dream. Aquarius often finds himself alone in an inhospitable area without knowing the way out.

Zodiac sign Pisces – in the Dragon Cave

Actually, the fish don’t have to go to bed at all, because they also live in their dream world during the day. This zodiac sign loves adventure novels and could spend hours immersed in the stories if it weren’t for the chores. When Pisces are plagued by nightmares, they are often as adventurous as in their books. It regularly happens that this zodiac sign finds itself in a dragon’s cave at night from which there is no escape.

Zodiac sign Aries – eternal marathon run

Aries is one of the energetic signs of the zodiac who manage to effortlessly handle three projects at the same time. But every now and then this dynamic zodiac sign takes over. This then affects his dreams. For example, the Aries sees himself during a marathon run, in which he absolutely does not want to succeed in reaching the goal.

Zodiac sign Taurus – the empty fridge

Taurus is the great connoisseur among the zodiac signs, who particularly loves epicurean delights. So it’s no wonder his worst nightmares drive him to the fridge, which he finds completely empty. In reality, such an experience is of course impossible.

Zodiac sign Gemini – condemned to silence

As a rule, Geminis are born with great rhetorical skills. That is why this zodiac sign loves to communicate with others to their heart’s content. In his nightmares, the twin finds himself in a large group chatting animatedly with one another. Unfortunately, he can’t get a word out himself.

Zodiac sign Cancer – missing children

As a true family person, Cancers like to have their loved ones around them all the time. In his nightmares he is home alone and has no idea where his partner and children are.

Zodiac sign Leo – in sackcloth and ashes

The lion would not even deny that he is one of the vainest zodiac signs. He loves to dress according to the latest fashion and to take care of himself extensively. In the nightmare, on the other hand, he opens the wardrobe and only finds worn rags. And a look in the mirror reveals an unkempt appearance that in real life would ensure that the lion does not dare to go out on the street.

Zodiac sign Virgo – immersed in chaos

Virgo is a meticulous sign that values ​​order and abhors chaos. In her nightmares, she often finds herself at a desk littered with stacks of paper. Even with her best efforts, she can’t get rid of the mess.

This is how the zodiac sign Virgo ticks.

Zodiac sign Libra – in the eye of the hurricane

For the Libra, harmony is everything. It is important to her to avoid any dispute. In her nightmare, however, this zodiac sign stands between two people who are screaming at each other. The Libra just doesn’t want to calm down the opponents.

Zodiac sign Scorpio – horned by the partner

Scorpio is one of the insecure zodiac signs who are always worried about being betrayed by others. In the nightmare it is the partner who puts the horns on the scorpion and of course he catches him red-handed.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius – caught in the act

Unlike Scorpio, Sagittarius is usually the culprit himself, breaking hearts in droves. In his worst nightmares he sees himself surrounded by his many exes, who loudly accuse him of infidelity.

Zodiac sign Capricorn – in the pillory

The conservative Capricorn always wants to show others an impeccable facade and is very concerned that bad things might be said about them. In the nightmare, the neighbors have gathered in the garden of this zodiac sign and extensively gossip about the unkempt lawn and the neglected house.

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