According to hygiene researchers That’s why toilets are almost always white

Have you noticed it too? Most toilets today are made of white ceramic. But why did the color white prevail in this case, while ceramic plates and bowls in the kitchen, for example, are often decorated in bright colors?

As Benjamin Eilts, hygiene researcher and professor for cleaning and hygiene technology at the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, revealed to the RND, the popularity of the white toilet is not a coincidence, but a special, psychological effect.

White represents purity and immaculateness

Because the color white has long been associated with purity, immaculateness and innocence – all “clean” and therefore desirable terms for hygiene. A white toilet bowl after use conveys that the impure process of going to the toilet is transformed into something pure.

This division into clean and impure activities still stems from ancient and partly religious ideas. According to some, going to the toilet or even menses will be considered impure processes that need to be cleaned up.

This association of white color with cleanliness has not only prevailed in the toilet, but also in many other areas, such as toilet paper, hotel towels or even doctor’s coats. Contrary to popular belief, today’s toilets are not naturally white because they are made of white porcelain. In fact, they are mostly made of yellowish ceramic and are only glazed white after firing.

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