According to household experts, three tips for quick spring cleaning

In the spring, many people want their entire living space to be thoroughly cleaned – a tedious task for many. We reveal three tips from a household coach that will help you to do spring cleaning without much effort.

When it comes to cleaning, very few want to grab a mop and vacuum cleaner and tidy up the apartment properly. This is all the more true for a large, time-consuming spring cleaning. Can’t you use the time better – and go eat the first ice cream of the year?

On the other hand, it feels really good every now and then to tackle the hidden corners of the house or apartment. And there is a little more to spring cleaning, as household coach Yvonne Winbeck explains. “When you do spring cleaning, you feel the need to sort things out again. It’s a symbol of a new beginning,” she says.

The idea behind it: You simply bring out the dullness and heaviness of winter. “Nice weather, the sun is shining, spring is near – all this brings new energy and confidence, but above all lightness into the house.” And the tidying up expert also has practical tips. In an interview, she explains what spring cleaning is all about and how best to prepare for it.

These are three expert tips for a successful spring cleaning:

1. When should I do a spring cleaning?

Yvonne Winbeck: It always depends on who you ask: It’s always right when it feels right for you, that is, when you really have this need. It is also often said when the temperatures outside are getting warmer. Together with daylight, for example, you can clean the windows better. For me personally: between carnival and Easter. Then you can start slowly.

One thing is particularly important: There is no place for stress! If you don’t have a clear head and are still under time pressure when cleaning, you really lack motivation.

You should choose a day that suits you. Without appointments, without obligations. I would also turn on my favorite music. Something lively, where you like to move to.

My secret tip: Set a timer! Do ten minutes and see how far you can get. You won’t believe what you can accomplish in that time. Then you can always do more mini-stages in the further course.

2. I clean regularly. Do I still need a spring cleaning?

Winbeck: Most people underestimate that. This is actually the opportunity to really sort out, to clean up, to start again somewhere. It’s like a ritual if you do it again and again in the spring. It also gives you a good feeling when you see: “Hey, wow – it’s actually really nice at home”, and everything suddenly shines again.

Basically, you should start cleaning with a system. Just like in the job, you have a red thread and structure with you. Then you don’t forget anything and save time instead of doing something all over the place. But the same applies here: everyone ticks differently.

Another tip: To make your work as easy as possible. If you start at the top and work your way down, you save double the work, since the dirt also falls from the top down.

3. How important are life hacks like baking soda and baking soda for cleaning?

Winbeck: There are so many tips on how to really save work. Of course, there are the classic recommendations. For example, that you should use natural home remedies such as baking soda and baking soda. This means that less chemicals are used and of course it saves money.

What I personally find important is that I have to bring order into it. This order is the be-all and end-all. I often notice that many people have certain things stored twice or three times in the house. Why not have a central office in the house? What takes the most time and is always annoying is searching around the house. Nothing works without order.

It’s not a life hack, but it’s immensely important to me: why not do it together if it’s possible? With your partner or the children, for example. If everyone in the household lends a hand, it goes so much faster. At the end you can reward yourself or the children and say: We did it together today! That’s almost more important than saying that baking soda is a good home remedy.

The beginning is always the hardest – especially when there is a lot to do. But in the end, the best motivation to start cleaning is the reward at the end, when everything is just sparkling clean and the apartment can be freshened up.

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