Absolute lust killer Seven things are poison for your sex life

Sex is fun, but you don’t always feel like it. If you want to get in the right mood, turn-offs shouldn’t have a chance. Because pleasure begins in the head – and not just between the legs.

Whether it’s stress, baby talk or poor personal hygiene, there are some things that can spoil your desire for pleasure.

Mouth, armpits or other body parts do not smell good at all

It usually starts with a kiss – but if your partner has stale breath, the chances of extensive lovemaking are rather poor. Especially a garlic or alcohol streak are sex life killers.

Not only bad breath, other body odors are also a turn off, such as an unpleasant smell of sweat under the armpits or stuffy feet. Better take care of your personal hygiene beforehand.

In the video above you can see what Robbie Williams’ wife says about her sex life.

Routines put sex life to sleep

Routine isn’t good for your sex life either. Especially when you’ve been together as a couple for a few years, it often creeps in. Simply out of habit, a quick number in the same position every Sunday after the “crime scene” no longer has much to do with an exciting love life.

Full stomach beats desire

“Love goes through the stomach,” they say. And so a long night of love often begins with a hearty romantic meal for two. But a full belly not only doesn’t study well, it also makes you sluggish, and sex is almost unthinkable.

Lust killer TV

Just checking to see if there’s anything good on TV? Don’t do it, otherwise you can most likely forget about sex for today.

Having a TV in the bedroom increases the likelihood that it will be used far more often than condoms or sex toys. The only exception: You use the device to watch exciting films together.

Stress stops the desire for sex

Stress can also kill your love life. If your head is constantly full of other things, you can also find it difficult to let yourself go in bed. In addition, a lot of work makes you tired – and with a yawn during foreplay, the chances of a hot love night are really not very high.

Not everyone likes dirty talk

Sure, dirty talk gets some people in the right mood. But keep in mind that it’s not for everyone. Not every woman likes being called “horny bitch” in bed – instead of giving the lovemaking a kick, it can end it abruptly.

Be careful with pet names or baby talk

A similar effect to misplaced dirty talk can be the use of baby talk or embarrassing pet names. Or what about your desire for sex when your partner calls you “Pummelinchen” or “Pupsmausi”?

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