With these tights hyped on TikTok, every festive look becomes a stylish eye-catcher!

Looks can be extravagant at Christmas and especially on New Year’s Eve! With tights you can create an exciting style in no time at all. We show you the most beautiful models of the tights hyped on TikTok.

TikTok trend: 2 tights for a glamorous appearance

At first glance they look like conventional fishnet tights. Depending on the incidence of light and at second glance you can see the many rhinestones that adorn the legs like jewels.

What we like best about this trend is that the tights really suit every figure. Thanks to them, we don’t need sequined dresses or other elaborate looks, because the sparkling tights also add a striking finishing touch to simple dresses, skirts or jumpsuits.

Fishnet tights with rhinestones: 4-pack

The new it pieces are already in great demand. With the 4-pack from SANTINIOR you get four stylish nuances in white, beige, brown and black. All models come in one size and are made of nylon with a high percentage of elastane.

4 pack fishnet tights

TikTok tights: These are our lookalikes

With their rhinestones, the fishnet tights by RSLOVE give every outfit a festive vibe. The model comes in one size and is available in black, red and white.

Fishnet tights with rhinestones

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