Trend report These are the in colors for summer 2022


The Fashion Weeks in London and New York are a guarantee for the annual trend colors. You can find out here which colors are included this year according to Pantone.

Every year, Pantone publishes the trend colors of the year, found at the fashion weeks in London and New York. The Fashion Color Trend Report lists the colors that particularly stood out at the shows. The fall and winter collections of the Fashion Weeks in spring 2022 show: We are focusing on strong and striking tones this year. We’ll show you the seven most beautiful colors from Pantone’s trend reports.

Abundant Green: Strong green stands for blooming nature

Pantone describes the trend color as a symbol for blooming foliage. The name of the shade of green means plentiful in German and stands for the strong hue behind Abundant Green. Pantone discovered him at London Fashion Week in spring when the autumn/winter collections for 2022/23 were presented.

Influencer Charlotte Kuhrt wears the trend color on a long sleeve in combination with a skirt in a lighter shade of green. The two shades of green can stand out particularly well with boots and a trench coat in beige.

Rose Violet: This color brings our outfits to life

Spring’s New York Fashion Week showed how we’re wearing purple this year. Pantone describes the trend color rose violet as lively and dynamic. There is hardly a color that goes better with the city that never sleeps. No wonder that influencer Valentina Ferragni is already wearing the trend color in the form of a handbag and hat in New York.

Molten Lava: Fiery Red

At a Valentino event in Rome, influencer Caro Daur (27) wears the trend color Molten Lava, which was recently discovered by Pantone at London Fashion Week. The fiery, intense hue is perfect for dresses like Caro Daur’s off-the-shoulder option. But bags or shoes can also stand out due to the color tone.

Meadow Violet: A color that enchants

Pantone describes the trend color Meadow Violet as magical. The strong violet tone also lets us escape into a fantasy world. Spotted at London Fashion Week, the color is perfect for pantsuits and two-piece suits.

But also as a statement piece: Influencer Lois Opoku wears Meadow Violet as a skirt with an otherwise simple black outfit. Only the golden mesh top brings more color into play.

Orange Tiger: The perfect shade for color blocking

The trend color Orange Tiger was discovered by Pantone at New York Fashion Week. Influencer Lena Mahfouf also wears them in Paris from top to bottom. She combines pointed pumps in the same trend color with a loose-fitting two-piece suit consisting of a blouse and culotte in orange. The tone-in-tone outfit shows off her handbag in the trend color rose violet even better.

Strawberry Cream: As sweet as cotton candy

At a Woman’s History Month event in Washington DC, actress Reese Witherspoon wears the shade of pink of the year: Strawberry Cream. The light hue, reminiscent of cotton candy or strawberry ice cream, was spotted by Pantone at London Fashion Week this spring. Witherspoon wears a pants suit in the same color and combines it with pumps of the same colour.

Caramel Café: Creamy brown

Discovered by Pantone at New York Fashion Week, the brown shade of Caramel Café is the perfect match for long fall coats this year. Influencer Leonie Hanne combines the shade of brown with a mini skirt outfit by Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week. We are certain: the classic autumn shade of Caramel Café will even conquer street styles in summer this year.


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