Spring style 2023 Everyone is crazy about these sunglasses

When the spring sun sends its first warming rays, it is high time to shop for new sunglasses. Because glasses like this are subject to fashion trends like no other accessory. Amazon customers have a clear opinion on which glasses could be trending this year. With more than 1,500 ratings, they give Avaway glasses 4.3 out of a possible five stars – a proud number. We took a closer look at the model.

This is what makes Avaway glasses so special

With their cat-eye design, Avaway’s retro glasses could also come from the arsenal of a 1950s Hollywood star. The medium-sized lenses ensure that these glasses fit almost every head shape. They also guarantee optimal sun protection, because the glasses have a UV filter that blocks 100 percent of harmful blue light and, according to the retailer, “up to 400 nanometers, including UVA (320-400 nm), UVB (280-320 nm) and UVC (100-280nm)” blocked. In addition, the special polarized filter ensures that sunlight reflected on bright surfaces is not perceived as dazzling.

Another highlight of these glasses is the Italian acetate frame, which makes them look significantly more valuable than a model with a conventional plastic frame. But this spectacle frame is not only chic, but also particularly impact-resistant and flexible. Non-slip nose pads ensure high wearing comfort.

That’s what customers say on Amazon

The majority of Amazon customers are also enthusiastic about these glasses. One writes: “Looks great. It’s not too big and also suits people with small faces. It’s also quite elegant and goes great with chic outfits.” And another customer states: “Very nice glasses and high quality. Very good quality. Great packaging and glasses case included. I’m positively surprised. I like it very much. I would definitely buy it again.”

A third customer can only agree with this verdict, who raves:

Perfect! The model is very light and therefore comfortable to wear. I like it when the lenses aren’t tinted too dark. I use the glasses for driving and find it very relaxing. The view is better than with normal sunglasses. I will only wear polarized sunglasses from now on.

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