Shopping happiness with vouchers Secure the voucher codes for the current Shopping Week now

The shopping week of Magazine Glamour twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. The spring campaign has finally started: The first shopping week will run from March 31st to April 10th, 2023 and has numerous vouchers ready. A great option for all bargain hunters and shopping fans in time before Easter Get more discounts when shopping online.

The shopping week starts

In the period from 03/31 until 04/10/2023 you shop both online and in the branch with numerous discounts in the categories fashion, cosmetics, but also home and living or in the food sector.

For shopping in the branch you need the shopping card, which you can find in the current issue of the magazine or in the apartment find. Click here to download from our partner CHIP for iOS and Android.

Shop online with our codes

You will of course also find the discount codes for your online purchase in the app or in the booklet – but not necessarily for free.

That doesn’t have to be the case, because you can now find many of the voucher codes during the shopping week on our CHIP voucher partner page, which are made available to you free of charge.

Vouchers for fashion, accessories and much more

You can find all voucher codes at a glance on the CHIP overview page – some are already summarized here for you.

Our voucher codes – a selection

aboutyou: 20 percent discount and more on premium fashion in the sale

adidas: Save 30 percent with the adidas voucher code + 5 percent on sale

Decathlon: Up to 50 percent discount in the Decathlon bike world

dm: use the voucher and save €4.95 on shipping costs

One-piece: 20 percent discount

Otto: Free items with your order

Stradivarius: 10 percent discount on the first purchase via the app

Zalando: Get a 20 Euro Zalando discount code with the Outlet Card!

Always save properly – maybe now for Easter?

You can save a lot when shopping online not only during shopping events. There are also great vouchers on the CHIP voucher website that are independent of time-bound offers. You’re bound to find one or the other there Easter present.

Act now and save money when shopping online. Simply select the appropriate code or deal and use it in the ordering process. The discount will then be deducted from the total. Saving is that easy!

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